So stop distracting yourself! I know, it’s easier said than done…

Counter-productivity is something I often notice, even I can be so at times. But I am also very selective in my counter-productivity. I’m sure you know the key word by now right? Have you ever noticed the bigger distraction while doing what you’re not suppose to be doing at the moment? Probably not. Often times, we act more than think, and when it’s done, that’s when it hits. It can be a horrible feeling. Being so distracted doing other things, and not accomplishing what you intend to do. If you find this to be an issue, then you need to practice being more conscious. Not just of your actions, but your thinking. Seriously, think of the times you find yourself doing things that are counter-productive, I bet you were feeling some type of way right? Well use that as an opportunity for you to fight it. It can be challenging, but once those feelings come up, still take care of what you need to. You will feel better that you did. This is how you become disciplined.

Also, it is important to think of your intentions when you “purposely” distract yourself. I say this because being productive requires just as much energy as not being productive. So choose the activity wisely. All-in-all this is to help wake your mind up, your brain is fully functioning but you also have to exercise your mind just as much as your brain.

It all starts with a thought! Now ignite it!!



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