Don’t You Ever Complain To Me,

again. Unless you plan to do something about it!

Nothing is more upsetting than listening to someone complain, but nothing’s changed…

They complain when something is wrong, hell they complain when something is right.

Is anyone ever satisfied?

And here I am complaining about others complaints. But instead, I prefer to use my restraints. 

I find it more powerful to take in what we can’t control, and turn into what we can. Ourselves….. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a shift that will change our world…

No one is ever ready, so get ready.

You complain about the same thing, nothing’s changed, and even you remained the same. You’re just as bad as the people you claim. Never feeling ashamed, but quick to have your hand out when there’s something else to obtain. What a shame. Things stay the same. The cycle recycle’s into another complaint. Nothing’s changed. Just another time, another day, but do you stay the same? 

The only thing we can change is ourselves, so spare me with the gossip or tell-all , about an everlasting downfall. I hear you, and I feel for you, but where is this all going? Will there be a solution to the issue that’s crawling?

Be mindful of what is happening, and make your life happen the way you want. 

Remember life is constantly changing, whether if we like it or not. But we can all try to do better ourselves, so we can live as happily as we want.

The choice is yours, so take your power back by doing something about it.

Choose greater, and complain less.

Yes the world is a mess, but that doesn’t mean you have to be 🙂




You Are Your Worst Enemy…

Why must we do this to ourselves? We build ourselves up just enough to be put back on the shelf. All that hard work, and what for? To be placed on the shelf???

We’re our own worst enemy. At times, it feels as  if we’re not. But really we are. Lets be honest with ourselves. No matter what anyone else says, or how they see us. It is not our responsibility to change that. Don’t play the game, you know you don’t deserve that, especially when we’re so hard on ourselves already.

The power lies within us. What we believe to what we want to achieve……

We’re our own worst enemy, but oftentimes we try to switch that focus to another. What good is it to play that game? None of that matters, none of it is the same. Instead, it is a distraction to help take the focus from ourselves….Don’t fall for it though 😛

Take ownership! Being your own enemy can be as beneficial as being your own friend. You have to really question yourself and not be afraid to go deep.

Reflect on yourself, the people you surround yourself with, the types of situations and resolutions that have inspired you, or moved you. Ask yourself (enemy self) why and how things can change, for the better.

Any enemy can turn into a friend. Sometimes it takes a little more effort to truly get to the resolution and to apprehend it.

Don’t be afraid to discover the enemy inside you, somewhere in there is another you, no longer an enemy, but a better friend.

Let’s no longer fight with the enemy, and let’s become friends with her instead 🙂



Loc Update: Month 8! :) (:

Loc Update: Month 8! :) (:

3/11/2017 Marks the 8th month of locking my hair, and I haven’t retwisted (as of yet). I am still on the less is more journey. So far, it is working for me. I have no desire to retwist on a monthly schedule, but only as needed. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed the more relaxed, worn out look. Not too many people are comfortable with that, but to me, it is the most beautiful. I just enjoy the look of comfort, just as I do glammed up look. My routine still, and will probably never change, as I mentioned before. This is somewhat of the same routine I had with my loose natural hair. I do as needed. SIMPLE! I don’t believe in doing anything really in a routine way. We are not robots and should not behave as so. But to do things when needed, for me, allows more freedom and growth along the way. This is the same feeling I have towards my hair. Both journey’s, for myself, prosper more when I am relaxed. This means to go with the flow of things. Every now and then, I will do palm rolling, so my locs get the shape I want. Sometimes, I’ll find some that look a little flat, so I’m obligated to palmroll as I don’t want the flat look. After a good deep wash however, I don’t see any flat locs, and I’ll just air dry, and without retwisting. You’ll be shocked of how comfortable it is not having to retwist each time you wash. It is not always necessary, but to each its own.


So, there you have it. Another brief update. I am honestly looking forward to the first year 07/11/2017. I think I’ll be a little more excited then, but for now I am pleased with the progress of my dreadlocks, and thinking of adding some shells or beads for my 1st year or something. Side note…was also thinking of dyeing some of them, here and there. Don’t know yet, but I want to do something special for them. They deserve a little something something yes? We will see, all I know is the sun is coming out, and the summer time is going to be hot!

Are You Limiting Yourself?

Are You Limiting Yourself?

Or are you truly living?

As I become older, I notice a shift in the world to where we eventually end up where we belong, and who is at fault for this? YOU ARE!

Now, obviously we all have our own journeys, lessons, and blessings to achieve, but at the same time are we putting in the effort that is truly meant for us?

Think about it. There are people who are living, yet they reached a plateau, so they’re just floating through life. What fun is that? If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t stop, and I believe it should never stop. You are alive and well, you have numerous of opportunities to fulfill. I don’t believe that we should ever be content, as there is so much to do, so much to accomplish.

What frightens me sometimes, is seeing people around me so content. It actually makes me feel a bit sick. But to their defense, this is probably what they really want, and how can anyone, including myself say otherwise. We often picture things differently for others and sometimes not realize that their journey is theirs for a reason. It doesn’t matter how you or anyone else see it.

But are you limiting yourself? Getting in situations that get you stuck, or limit you from progressing. Are you guilty of doing this? 

A lot of us need to become more aware of our actions, and this brings the attention to our intentions. Some people often blame others, or past situations from getting to where they want, but in reality it is no one’s fault but theirs.

It is important to activate the intentions we seek. 

Don’t limit yourself, there’s always a way!


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Stop Being Counter-Productive On Your Goals…

Stop Being Counter-Productive On Your Goals…

So stop distracting yourself! I know, it’s easier said than done…

Counter-productivity is something I often notice, even I can be so at times. But I am also very selective in my counter-productivity. I’m sure you know the key word by now right? Have you ever noticed the bigger distraction while doing what you’re not suppose to be doing at the moment? Probably not. Often times, we act more than think, and when it’s done, that’s when it hits. It can be a horrible feeling. Being so distracted doing other things, and not accomplishing what you intend to do. If you find this to be an issue, then you need to practice being more conscious. Not just of your actions, but your thinking. Seriously, think of the times you find yourself doing things that are counter-productive, I bet you were feeling some type of way right? Well use that as an opportunity for you to fight it. It can be challenging, but once those feelings come up, still take care of what you need to. You will feel better that you did. This is how you become disciplined.

Also, it is important to think of your intentions when you “purposely” distract yourself. I say this because being productive requires just as much energy as not being productive. So choose the activity wisely. All-in-all this is to help wake your mind up, your brain is fully functioning but you also have to exercise your mind just as much as your brain.

It all starts with a thought! Now ignite it!!


Loose Natural Hair Versus Locs….?!

Loose Natural Hair Versus Locs….?!

This debate seriously needs to come to an END!

I’ve seen post addressing loose naturals who are transitioning into locs, and how they are not going to be supported because they didn’t support locs before.


How can anyone be for anything that was foreign to them at the time? I mean were you always for locs, or loose natural hair even when you didn’t have either?

The problem is, it is not about who was for locs, and who wasn’t, it was about the NOW and supporting each other, regardless of hair or style…

I never knew there was such a thing, and maybe it’s because I live in California. I didn’t see the separation, until I got online. It is very disheartening to see, because it is mainly other black women tearing each other down. I’m all about love and support, and although not everyone is on the same boat, it doesn’t mean you have to belittle others decisions because of how you feel. Most of how you feel is from how you feel about yourself, and maybe it is something you have to accept in yourself to see that.

Without knowing someone’s intentions, and making accusations, is just showing insecurity and judgment. Instead of eliminating the discrimination, some are adding more to it. You can be entitled to how you think and can freely express yourself, however what is the true intention behind it? I just believe there are certain ways to go about things, and bashing and gossiping is not one of them.

I just wish we wold stop bringing each other down, and instead try to be more understanding. Without doing this, the “natural hair community” will go down more than go up.

Let us not lose the idea of what natural really is…


The Power of Thinking…

The Power of Thinking…

Whoever said thinking was a terrible thing?

Because apparently many people don’t think enough like it is a terrible thing to do. Let us motivate these people to THINK, and to do so more effectively.

What were you just thinking about before reading this? Do you honestly believe, and trust yourself enough to know what you were thinking of? This is such a conscious effort, in which many of us cannot control. However, once it is controlled there is no going back.

I’ve discussed in a previous post of how much I enjoy thinking. You can go wild with your imagination and no one can say a thing, unless you share your thoughts with them, but admit it you don’t share every thought with everyone, and this is your power. The power of thinking gives us all the flexibility to think outside our means, and this helps to create the unthinkable.

Think of how inventors, or any type of creative person comes up with something. It is pretty astonishing considering all it takes is one person with a thought. Imagine the power of thinking, and then creating. It doesn’t get more powerful than that. So how do you think? Sounds a bit odd to ask, but seriously you have more power to think, than not. It is about adding quality to how you think.

So you’ve already read and heard about the numerous of books of the Law of Attraction, and how you have to think positively, and effectively, yet you may or may not see the results. With change, you have to do so on your time, and everyone has different timing. Also, you may have to learn a lesson, or two, or maybe more, in order to go to the next level. I like to think of this as the next dimension.

I’ve never seen someone think so good that all of a sudden amazing things happen to them. What happens, is that they change their way of thinking, and with that comes other changes like their behavior, and how they see things around them. When you concentrate on a situation without distractions, you begin seeing solutions to your own problems. The power of thinking is not solely thinking and then receiving, but instead, thinking and then doing.

You set yourself up to think the impossible, but you realize it is possible, so the doubt and fear releases itself. You are now able to think beyond that. You give yourself the power by giving yourself permission. You just have to allow it and keep practicing. Think of it as a workout for your mind, the more you think and concentrate the stronger the muscle gets.

So workout your brain, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to tone up a bit, so THINK!