Quick Loc Update!

The weekly updates are just not working out for me, here’s why…

It’s now 2.5 months, and I’ve learn some more stuff. LESS is truly more for my hair. The less product I use, and the less I do with my hair, the more she flourishes. My locs are really like my little flowers, and all I do is add water, and olive oil to moisturize.



Black Girl wearing makeup with medium sized dreadlocks. She has on a shirt that reads "Creep".

I still use the oisture hair styling milk, or lotion (please see previous loc update w/picture) to re-twist. I recently stopped using coconut oil, as I felt it was weakening my hair. I use to not use coconut oil as much with my loose natural hair, but looking back when I did, my hair did change a bit, but I didn’t notice until looking at some of my old photos. I like to go back and forth between products to see what helps make my hair thrive, and what doesn’t, so yeah its an official no for me with the coconut oil. I also no longer have a schedule to re-twist, and do so when needed. I personally do not care for a complete neat look, but I do not want to wait too long to re-twist either. Right now, It’s been once every 3 to 4 weeks. I do want to see if I can go longer, but maybe in the future.

So that’s it, I wanted to share a quick update on my locs, but also advise that I’ll probably do an update only once a month going forward. There hasn’t been much change in these beginning phases,except some budding here and there. However, I’m sure more will come and I’m looking forward to every change. I plan on sharing these updates around the 11th of the month, or during the week of. I think monthly updates will be more helpful to me, and hopefully others.

Til next time,




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