How has your experience affected you?

A little over five years ago, I was going through a transition from a breakup living with a lot of people, to being single and living alone. It was stressful, but more relieving than anything else. I knew it was my time to have a relationship with myself and I was ready for it. I was so glad to have my mother and her friend help me move across town, so it wasn’t a burden during this transition. It was actually fun and peaceful.

At my new studio apartment one night, while I was asleep with the nightlight on, I saw myself looking at myself sleeping. It was the weirdest, yet most peaceful thing I’ve experienced. It felt so real as I saw myself sleeping and smiling. I was floating over myself, as if I was watching myself like an guardian angel. I did a little research on this and there were a few theories. What I got from it was that if you are going through a lot of stress you can have these types of experiences, mentally or physically stressed. This is similar to people who undergo surgery and may have an outer body experience.

Sounds crazy right? But it is cool, it definitely picks your brain a bit and makes you put things into your own perspective. Going through changes can cause stress, good or bad, and there may be a few signals here and there to guide you. What I’ve learn then, and more so now, is that you need to trust yourself and allow the process to be. Listen to your body, your instinct, and trust it. No matter what you are going through, you have to have your own back, and this is the message I’ve received from that experience.

What messages do you receive from your dreams, or random spiritual experiences? Do you think it is real or is it your imagination?

Dream on, & peacefully….



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