And not the musty armpit funk, but the funk in your life…

Whenever I find myself in a rut, I know that something has to change. Maybe things are going good, or bad for you and refreshing your mood can be the trick. You have to check yourself from time to time, and just let yourself know who the F you really are.

Being a creature of habit has some good in it, but it also has its challenges. For instance, when there is change anything new can be overwhelming and sometimes create a funk that wasn’t there, sometimes everything can be going right, but then you start to feel a bit funky. Some people may find comfort in their funk and are able to allow the time to pass, but if you are anything like me, sitting still is not possible and sometimes you gotta work off the funk.

Here Are My Top Ways:

#1 Re-Arrange

Taking something apart, and putting it back together like a puzzle can actually be relaxing. I have to Re-Arrange my office space and my closet at least once a month. The somewhat new scenery uplifts the mood, and sometimes you find things you forgot you had LOL. There’s nothing like a good deep cleaning, there’s such nostalgia and it’s rewarding. Don’t be afraid to give your work, or living space an upgrade, move some things around and give it a new appearance.

#2 Decorate

Like re-arranging, decorating ca be just as uplifting. Now I’m not a huge home decor type of gal, and believe in minimalism living, yet I am interested in getting more into it. I added a few plants around my home and I love it. It really gives the space an exotic look, and it makes it feel fresh and airy. I’ve added a few paintings around my office, and some wall decor. I tell ya, a little goes a long way and adding decorations can liven up your space, as well as your mind. It’s cool to look around and see decorations that just warm your heart.

#3 Prepare/Finish Work in Advance 

If you’re a workaholic like me then you already know that sometimes it is not enough, so how do you make it enough? Work in advance! Or begin preparing yourself. If you are a professional, you can possibly have the opportunity to work on other projects by asking your manager, or if you are a freelancer, you can create more projects for yourself. Preparation is everything these days, and thinking or planning ahead will bring ease to your mind. For me, the more I work the better I feel. In theory, it is all about being productive when overcoming your funk, whatever productive means to you.


How many of us have this distraction. You get online looking at whatever, and sometimes nothing to do with what you need to be doing. So you dig yourself into more distractions. Being online with all this web of information is great, but it can have a downfall. We all love to be entertained, but if you’re online more than you’re doing things in real life this can be a problem. Again, being productive is the only way to get out of your funk, but always remember what being productive  really is to you. Don’t be afraid to log off sometimes, this is all about disciplining yourself and taking care of your priorities first. We all need this reminder.

#5 Shower Meditation 

This happens to be one of my personal favorites. Like logging off online, shower meditation allows you to log off your brain and just listen to the shower. Think of it as listening to the rain, it is very soothing. I usually listen to music while in the shower, but as of recently, I’ve been enjoying the silence of words and just tuning inward. Just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Doing this often, especially after a good workout, will make you feel light and buttery…like a pancake.

So give these a try, not all at once, but when you find the opportunity to squeeze in a “little me session” do it, and see how you feel afterwards. 

Let’s interact, let me know if any of these work for you :)….

Remember to check yourself (before you wreck yourself :p)



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