Pay Attention & Take Note…

Not everyone sees the things you see, and maybe they’re not suppose to. You see things for a reason, and yes it is unclear sometimes on why you see it, but use what you see to your advantage to help yourself, and others. You ever do something for someone, or see something and thought “why did I have to see that?” or why did this happen? I like to look at these incidents as a shift coming into action. Pay close attention to these circumstances. Sometimes, I feel that random things happen to prepare us for the next step of our journey. You have to learn to use these opportunities as a a way to learn. This can either be for your advantage, or maybe for someone else. Just pay attention.

The answer might be right in front of you, or maybe a question will pop in your head, but whatever the case is, if you pay close attention you’ll discover something you may have not discovered before. Take notice to these things, behaviors of others, and what they say and how they say it. It can be anywhere, and anyone, but you paying attention is being thoughtful about the situation. Exercise your thoughts! too many of us are not fully utilizing our brain. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with a solution, it just means to think, more so exercising your mind to become more mindful. Sounds simple right? Our way of thinking triggers from our habits. We become so use to thinking a certain way, or not thinking at all.

This creates issues, such as misunderstanding others, or ourselves, jumping into conclusions, and just plain thinking you know everything. We all do not have the answers, yet we should be open-minded into thinking about the possibilities. There can be more than one right or wrong answer, or solutions, yet we have to learn to expand the way we think. Once we have mastered this, we can expand our way of doing other things. Think about it. You learn to master the way you think, and began paying attention more, and then become more open and even wiser about your actions. 

The more you pay attention, the more you create for yourself, but you have to put in the work. It takes practice, and all of us can enhance our way of thinking, and being.

Take it one day at a time, and consider the new things you notice when you pay close attention.

Any new thoughts?



The All High and Mighty and Miserable…

Some of ya’ll really crack me up. You say all the bad things of the world, yet you still succumb to it in some way shape or form. You know why, because you are still Human, and not perfect, and will never be perfect. Whenever I see people like this, it makes me appreciate the person I am, because I’m not perfect, nor do I try to be. My goals, and my true purpose in life and that’s to LIVE and LOVE the life I’m living. That should be a simple tool for each and one of us to use when referring to how we should live our lives. NO ONE IS COMING OUT ALIVE, so LIVE, and LOVE. I can guarantee you’ll appreciate your life much better. This of course comes to letting go of control, and your ego.

Go ahead and limit yourself, but how do you feel when you do, miserable right? It is okay to be cautious, but to do so in fear defeats the purpose of living. I cannot say how I choose to live is the best way, but no one can, because we are all different. The way that things may affect you and your body, may not do the same for someone else. Think about the different animal breeds we have, we are all not the same, we don’t all act, and react the same. This is one of the reasons why I choose to keep things as general, yet real as I can. We can all read the same book, but we will all gain something different from it. This is why I feel diversity is necessary, sharing and learning from each other is how we will evolve. Acting all high and mighty will make you miserable. Think about all the people who you believe is powerful, they are miserable. Think about the super conscious people, miserable, the poor, miserable, the rich people are miserable, the happy or the sad, and its understandable, trust me I get it. We live in a world that has allowed a lot of us to become miserable because of all the different shit we learn and observe, but it doesn’t mean to stop living. Don’t lose the human touch because you think you are God. No one is. We hold a special piece, and it is up to you on how you use that power, but don’t do it in misery. Instead do it out of love. There is a huge difference.

So, LIVE, beautifully, unapologetically, but not in misery. Remember just like the food we absorb, we absorb our feelings too, which is just as bad. Don’t forget about your feelings. Just like the food we eat to nourish our bodies, we have to nourish our feelings too. So keep that in mind. The body is our temple, but what about your mind, your soul, your destiny?

Limit yourself if you want, but remember LIFE is for the Living…


Loc Update 6 Months!!!

Half a year! This has honestly gone by so fast!

I guess this is what happens when you focus on other things in your life, because your hair is not taking over any more! LOL! I always say that I liked my fro, but I absolutely love my dreadlocks :P. The easy going style and maintenance doesn’t beat any other, well at least for me. My babies are becoming thick and juicy, they’re filling up quite a bit and my love for them grows daily, still. They are so ME!

I haven’t change much of my routine, except I will do a light wash in between my once a month deep clean. I don’t use any other products, besides the mimosa for when I twist once a month (which I haven’t yet this month), and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize.

finger coiled locs

The pic above was taken 07/11/2016…

And now….. (01/14/2017)


Becoming locd and loaded, much like my personality.

I really want to get out of the re twisting routine, and just do so as needed. Now that I’m seeing the plumpness of my locs, I definitely don’t want to over twist em, shoot I don’t even style as much…maybe more in the future. Another thing I’ve been doing differently is applying olive oil while in the shower. The hot steam from the shower really allows the oil to penetrate, and it makes me locs super moisturized. So far, this has been a favorite new step because it has made such a difference in keeping my locs soft.

So yeah, another month update. Last month was too much and nothing different, except one thing, but that’s for another post….





Believing In Yourself Is A Start…

Believing In Yourself Is A Start…

And yes, it is not easy to do, especially when you feel you don’t have the support you need. In this day in age, numbers and the people you know seem to help one succeed. But what if you don’t have any of those sources to support you?

You create it!

Sometimes, I think it’s great to not know a lot of people and it is okay to have a laid back life. You don’t have to know everyone and have a “high profile” to be seen as successful. To me, success means having the ability to believe in yourself, enough so that you carry out your mission.

Creating what you want is a part of your freedom, as well as your passion. So what is it that you want to accomplish? Start with baby steps, and don’t be hard on yourself either. I think we had enough hardship going on this year, so this is the time to really reflect. Think of all the things that went on this year, and how you overcame these different situations.

Believing you could get through those things, and even now, is just a reminder on the steps you have to take. To Believe is to imagine something as truthful, and if you believe, you are already towards achieving. Lately, I’ve been listing things, no matter how random it is. I’ll come up with a random thought and if an idea or solution comes to mind, I write it down. It has helped my thinking calm down a bit.

Writing lists has made me feel even more organized, and believe it or not a little more confident. With so many changes coming up, you can feel a bit overwhelmed, so writing down my thoughts have made me feel more secure about my thinking. Sometimes we need to escape from our thoughts, and writing them down can bring some type of assurance. Maybe it’s because of seeing your thoughts and seeing is believing right :).

So take the time to believe in yourself a bit more. If you have a hard time imagining then try writing out your thoughts, goals, feelings. Sometimes we have to see what we hold inside, and this can help bring clarity to your mind and soul.



Why I Enjoy Nature Walks…

Why I Enjoy Nature Walks…

Besides visualizing the good scenery of the environment, nature walks are beneficial in so many different ways. You get the blood flowing and pumping, and if you’re lucky, you also get to enjoy the weather.

Here in Sacramento, Ca, the weather is fairly perfect, not too hot and not too cold, most days. Most mornings to early afternoons are best for walking, just about anywhere. There are a ton of parks, and now that I have a dog I have more than enough reasons to explore!



Nature Scene At Glenn Hall Park

#1 Nature Walks Are Relaxing

Much like meditation to me, yet you’re also getting in a little workout too, nature walks can be clarifying to the mind. If you are having a stressful day, go for a walk, better yet a nature walk. Make sure to do some research on the place of course, and always have someone with you. You don’t need to be alone in order to channel within.

Glenn Hall park is a favorite of mine, and the dog’s (see Marley below lol). You’ll never become bored of this place. There is a community center,  children’s park, and a baseball field. There’s plenty of room and activities for everybody.  You don’t have to worry about being in the way.

Marley taking a lil dip

#2 Nature Walks Help You Figure Things Out

Different tracks lead you to different areas. Make sure to be careful and not hike alone, trust me you don’t want to get lost. Just go with a friend, a mate, or a neighbor and enjoy the silence. There is such joy in spending time with others who you can enjoy the silence with. Whenever there’s silence, use this as an opportunity to let go of your worries. You’ll think of something, but there’s something about the silence that’ll bring assurance to you. Use this opportunity to think POSITIVELY! Trust me, I’ve had so many stressful days and nights over work, school, LIFE, period, and sitting and hoping doesn’t do anything.

Be productive on your nature walk and really think deeply about whatever it is, and do so with a smile. Nature walking will brighten up your mood, and the blood flow will warm up your mind, something like coffee or tea. Treat yourself and bring some Jamba Juice with you ;).You need a visit to see mother nature.  She is very nurturing and inspiring, and we can all learn some things about mother nature and its course.

#3 Nature Walks Will Bring Out The Nice In You

Because it is so relaxing, whenever you see a fellow walker (and not from The Walking Dead) you say hi, hello, or good morning, they’ll do the same, and vice versa. I tell ya, the nicest people take walks. When have you ever seen a grumpy nature walker? Exactly! In a previous post, I mentioned how you have to change your environment if you’re trying to change yourself. Going to a park, or anywhere for a walk can sound like a small change, but try doing this on a regular. You will experience a change for sure. Just go for it.

I think it has something to do with the environment and the people. Whenever I see someone, they’re smiling. People are lighter and cheerful, even if they’re warning you about something. It’s just refreshing to see people not on their phones and smiling. Ain’t it crazy how it is rare these days, you’re probably on the phone now! lol jkjk.

#4 Nature Walks Allows Excuses For EATING…Good and Bonding!

After you had an amazing hike, treat yourself to a yummy breakfast. This is the light breakfast I had after one of my adventures. This Avocado Toast breakfast from BJs was so good! A must try for sure! The avocado spread has some jalapeno in it, but it’s not spicy, has flavor though :). Another place I like to go to sometimes is IHop or Dennys. Most times I’ll be good and just make a healthy green smoothie, or a light breakfast. Whatever the case is, this is an opportunity to bond more with the people you hiked with and what better way right?

Light breakfast at BJs


So what are your top benefits for going on nature walks?

M0j0 🙂

P.S always be aware of the spider webs ^_^


5 Ways To Overcome Your Funk…

5 Ways To Overcome Your Funk…

And not the musty armpit funk, but the funk in your life…

Whenever I find myself in a rut, I know that something has to change. Maybe things are going good, or bad for you and refreshing your mood can be the trick. You have to check yourself from time to time, and just let yourself know who the F you really are.

Being a creature of habit has some good in it, but it also has its challenges. For instance, when there is change anything new can be overwhelming and sometimes create a funk that wasn’t there, sometimes everything can be going right, but then you start to feel a bit funky. Some people may find comfort in their funk and are able to allow the time to pass, but if you are anything like me, sitting still is not possible and sometimes you gotta work off the funk.

Here Are My Top Ways:

#1 Re-Arrange

Taking something apart, and putting it back together like a puzzle can actually be relaxing. I have to Re-Arrange my office space and my closet at least once a month. The somewhat new scenery uplifts the mood, and sometimes you find things you forgot you had LOL. There’s nothing like a good deep cleaning, there’s such nostalgia and it’s rewarding. Don’t be afraid to give your work, or living space an upgrade, move some things around and give it a new appearance.

#2 Decorate

Like re-arranging, decorating ca be just as uplifting. Now I’m not a huge home decor type of gal, and believe in minimalism living, yet I am interested in getting more into it. I added a few plants around my home and I love it. It really gives the space an exotic look, and it makes it feel fresh and airy. I’ve added a few paintings around my office, and some wall decor. I tell ya, a little goes a long way and adding decorations can liven up your space, as well as your mind. It’s cool to look around and see decorations that just warm your heart.

#3 Prepare/Finish Work in Advance 

If you’re a workaholic like me then you already know that sometimes it is not enough, so how do you make it enough? Work in advance! Or begin preparing yourself. If you are a professional, you can possibly have the opportunity to work on other projects by asking your manager, or if you are a freelancer, you can create more projects for yourself. Preparation is everything these days, and thinking or planning ahead will bring ease to your mind. For me, the more I work the better I feel. In theory, it is all about being productive when overcoming your funk, whatever productive means to you.


How many of us have this distraction. You get online looking at whatever, and sometimes nothing to do with what you need to be doing. So you dig yourself into more distractions. Being online with all this web of information is great, but it can have a downfall. We all love to be entertained, but if you’re online more than you’re doing things in real life this can be a problem. Again, being productive is the only way to get out of your funk, but always remember what being productive  really is to you. Don’t be afraid to log off sometimes, this is all about disciplining yourself and taking care of your priorities first. We all need this reminder.

#5 Shower Meditation 

This happens to be one of my personal favorites. Like logging off online, shower meditation allows you to log off your brain and just listen to the shower. Think of it as listening to the rain, it is very soothing. I usually listen to music while in the shower, but as of recently, I’ve been enjoying the silence of words and just tuning inward. Just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Doing this often, especially after a good workout, will make you feel light and buttery…like a pancake.

So give these a try, not all at once, but when you find the opportunity to squeeze in a “little me session” do it, and see how you feel afterwards. 

Let’s interact, let me know if any of these work for you :)….

Remember to check yourself (before you wreck yourself :p)


The Power of Thinking…

The Power of Thinking…

Whoever said thinking was a terrible thing?

Because apparently many people don’t think enough like it is a terrible thing to do. Let us motivate these people to THINK, and to do so more effectively.

What were you just thinking about before reading this? Do you honestly believe, and trust yourself enough to know what you were thinking of? This is such a conscious effort, in which many of us cannot control. However, once it is controlled there is no going back.

I’ve discussed in a previous post of how much I enjoy thinking. You can go wild with your imagination and no one can say a thing, unless you share your thoughts with them, but admit it you don’t share every thought with everyone, and this is your power. The power of thinking gives us all the flexibility to think outside our means, and this helps to create the unthinkable.

Think of how inventors, or any type of creative person comes up with something. It is pretty astonishing considering all it takes is one person with a thought. Imagine the power of thinking, and then creating. It doesn’t get more powerful than that. So how do you think? Sounds a bit odd to ask, but seriously you have more power to think, than not. It is about adding quality to how you think.

So you’ve already read and heard about the numerous of books of the Law of Attraction, and how you have to think positively, and effectively, yet you may or may not see the results. With change, you have to do so on your time, and everyone has different timing. Also, you may have to learn a lesson, or two, or maybe more, in order to go to the next level. I like to think of this as the next dimension.

I’ve never seen someone think so good that all of a sudden amazing things happen to them. What happens, is that they change their way of thinking, and with that comes other changes like their behavior, and how they see things around them. When you concentrate on a situation without distractions, you begin seeing solutions to your own problems. The power of thinking is not solely thinking and then receiving, but instead, thinking and then doing.

You set yourself up to think the impossible, but you realize it is possible, so the doubt and fear releases itself. You are now able to think beyond that. You give yourself the power by giving yourself permission. You just have to allow it and keep practicing. Think of it as a workout for your mind, the more you think and concentrate the stronger the muscle gets.

So workout your brain, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to tone up a bit, so THINK!