October 11, 2016 marks the 3rd month since having my locs. They are becoming extremely frizzy and knotty, damnear unmanageable this time around.


Since I’ve stopped using coconut oil, I’ve noticed I can go longer without having to wash my hair. It seems I’m experiencing less product build-up, which is very nice. I’m still using olive oil to moisturize. My hair loves olive oil! I am also doing more scalp rubs between washes. This has helped me loosen up any dirt, or build-up, and it feels good, so why not. This time around, I used VO5 Kiwi Clarifying shampoo and conditioner. I’ve always loved using VO5 because it is very affordable and my hair loves it. I used the Mimosa Hair pomade to palm-roll. I’m really trying to cut back on using anything with coconut oil, although this stuff has beeswax in it.


Every now and then, I’ll get little strands hanging from the end of the loc. At first, I was knotting it back to the loc, then I began cutting them, and now I’m knotting it back into the loc again. I guess it depends on how straggly it looks, but for the most part I try to knot them back into the loc. I counted my locs again and got 76 this time, and before I got to around 80. I’m just glad to have less than 100, because I ain’t got the time LOL.



I’ve been itching for some color, and possibly thinking of getting a purplish/red-ish color, but I’m still going to wait, maybe another 6- 9 months. I just want my locs to mature completely before I began messing with it. You don’t want to do too much in the beginning stages…..

I’ve been seeing some lint too, so I’ve been wrapping up my hair more. Whenever I’m not doing anything, or just cleaning around the house, I will wrap her up. I definitely want to prevent as much lint as I can, although it is bound to happen, I still don’t wan’t linty locs.

So look and listen to your hair.  Sometimes we look for answers when our hair already knows what she wants. Don’t be afraid to re-visit a product, or cut something out, you just never know what your hair really needs until you…..

Try something different 😉



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