You Are Your Worst Enemy…

Why must we do this to ourselves? We build ourselves up just enough to be put back on the shelf. All that hard work, and what for? To be placed on the shelf???

We’re our own worst enemy. At times, it feels as  if we’re not. But really we are. Lets be honest with ourselves. No matter what anyone else says, or how they see us. It is not our responsibility to change that. Don’t play the game, you know you don’t deserve that, especially when we’re so hard on ourselves already.

The power lies within us. What we believe to what we want to achieve……

We’re our own worst enemy, but oftentimes we try to switch that focus to another. What good is it to play that game? None of that matters, none of it is the same. Instead, it is a distraction to help take the focus from ourselves….Don’t fall for it though 😛

Take ownership! Being your own enemy can be as beneficial as being your own friend. You have to really question yourself and not be afraid to go deep.

Reflect on yourself, the people you surround yourself with, the types of situations and resolutions that have inspired you, or moved you. Ask yourself (enemy self) why and how things can change, for the better.

Any enemy can turn into a friend. Sometimes it takes a little more effort to truly get to the resolution and to apprehend it.

Don’t be afraid to discover the enemy inside you, somewhere in there is another you, no longer an enemy, but a better friend.

Let’s no longer fight with the enemy, and let’s become friends with her instead 🙂




Learn to Embrace the Shift…

Learn to Embrace the Shift…

With everything going wrong in the world, we only have the option to go right from here….

I don’t know about you, but to me there seems to be a shift going on in this world. Have you ever noticed something drastic changing, but for the better, especially after a bad situation?  I’ve witnessed things like this in my personal life, but now I see it everywhere!

Initially, it makes me feel worried and of course the anxiety goes up. What I’ve learn to do is to work with my worries and my anxiety. Instead of allowing these feelings destroy me, I use it. Some of us allow our feelings to take over, but why not work with them, and not against them. Embracing these changes involves both production and resting. You can’t fully rest without being productive, and you can’t be productive without fully resting. Balance my friends, so cliche, yet necessary!

When you are able to find this balance, you learn to embrace your current shift. I’m sure you are experiencing a change right now, and regardless if its good or bad, it can still be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you’re a creature of habit like me. However, you can, and you will get through it. You just have to really recognize the change, your feelings, and the solution to cater to those feelings.

This is all apart of embracing any shift you’re going through. It’s not about finding the best solution, but instead the healthiest one. This means to not over do things. Sometimes changes occur that we have no control of, and what does that make some of us do? Seek control in other ways, and that is not always healthy.

Sometimes we over do things because of feeling worried or anxious, but most of the time those actions don’t match up to what we really need to be doing. Whenever you feel a shift, take the time to really figure it out. This comes to the idea of taking a break, and being alone sometimes.

Ever been through a shifting phase and being around others just made you feel crappy? This is because of the shift. You need to get through it, and sometimes it has to involve your undivided attention. Take a break and step back sometimes. You owe it to yourself, and other people because when you’re shifting, you’re not at a 100%.

What’s not okay, is trying to be at 100% all the time. When you think about it, for anyone of us to be at 100%, we have to go through changes. That is how we evolve, and without embracing it you’re not really evolving, just living.

So be in tuned with your progression, and appreciate the changes as they come. It’s okay to live through your changes, but focus on evolving too, it matters.