He Said He Loves Me…

He Said He Loves Me…

Of course he did. And maybe he thought he did.

What does love mean to you? Maybe that’s what it was all along, and maybe we were both loving each other wrong.

We loved differently………

He said he misses me. And maybe he does.

But on the other hand all of that missing was the feeling I don’t miss when we once was.

It’s too late for all of the that, so he can miss me with the bullcrap.¬†

He said I was right. And I knew he would say that. They always do.

But it was never about being right or wrong, it was about being true…all along.

All the things he says to me now, doesn’t even matter now…..

I’ve always thought that was funny. The similarities of one wanting something so badly back then, and all of the sudden now the other.

It’s too late for all of that, so he can tell me he loves me, he can tell me he misses me, and that I was right all along…None of those sayings matter at this point, especially when you could have said back then.

Maybe those feelings weren’t valid then as they are now, but so are mine. I thought, and I’ve said a lot, but after time apart, I realized that I was right, and where I am now is where I belong.

Too bad you had to learn this way, but what more can I say…



Overthinking To Overdoing…

Overthinking To Overdoing…

Which one would you rather choose?

As a deep thinker, I have the tendency to overthink, and as a doer, I also have the tendency to overdo. I’ve become more mindful of this, and my goal is to stop this type of behavior, and instead add more production to it. It is not that I don’t like it, because I do. I’ve been able to multitask and complete important projects, however the downside is not really enjoying these achievements. This is because of feeling burnout. I am an over-thinker, and I am an overdoer. Not all the time, but when I am, I feel excited, determined, and even more so eager to get to the next step. I’m learning to calm down, and to be more present. In doing this, I had to eliminate….DISTRACTIONS! What I’ve learned about myself is that I work to become distracted, away from what is distracting me. It can be anything, anyone, but situational. I am reminding you, and myself, that we cannot control what happens next, and all we can do is what we can, and let it rest (don’t overthink it). That’s right, that ending part can be difficult, so we begin the next task. We have to learn to appreciate the efforts we complete, even the small ones. Don’t allow overthinking ruin this for you. And maybe this is because we want things to be right so badly, but no matter how bad we want something, or someone, or whatever, we are only in control of ourselves. Lets become more aware of our thoughts and not just our actions. Let’s take it easy. Not to say don’t think, and don’t do, but becoming aware of these impulses and adding substance behind them, instead of stress.

Baby steps, soon to being an adult…look at you ūüôā

The Power Of “Speaking It Into Existence” pt.1 (Beginning With Our Thinking)

We have to get out of the habit of negative self talk. Seriously, why do we set ourselves up for failure? Don’t you get sick of it?¬†

Think about it, and consider how it’s¬†been working for you, the negative talk, because in all honesty where has it gotten you? I’ve got to the point of ignoring the negative thoughts, wait let me back up a bit. I listen to the thought, but ask myself why? Then I ask myself why not, because you don’t want those thoughts to hinder your progress, right. Yeah, whatever change you’re going through is going to be challenging, but we know that we have to challenge ourselves to change. This is the only way out. Stop giving yourself excuses, this of course is another way to distract yourself from what you should be doing.¬†

I believe we all do this, some more or less than others, but it is a habit that we all need to work on. Nobody is perfect, we will always encounter negative, or other random thoughts, but it is important to recognize it and be careful on how you speak on it. This is for anything, yourself, others, opportunities, etc. The focus is to speak things into existence that will help you get to the next step, and it obviously involves the way we react to our thinking. Be MINDFUL, ask yourself questions and don’t be afraid to dissect your own thoughts. So many people have the answers for others, without being aware of their damn selves. Don’t be that person, figure out what it is you can do to improve yourself. It is never too late to improve something. You already have it, you just need to go get it. ¬†

Remember you deserve the best, so treat yourself with the respect you deserve. Thinking positively is an exercise, so this is just a reminder that you are worthy.

Think of more solutions, and begin preparing yourself for the week ahead. Baby steps. Think it and speak it into existence. Good, you are being more proactive than you think.

Take care, 


As I sit here….

With a sore butt!

I’m thinking about how important it is to check in with yourself.¬†So many of of us are constantly on the go, and without breaks of really getting to check in with ourselves. I always think there is not enough time in the day, but the power that we have is to create the time we want! We have to make time for what’s really important, so never forget about yourself. You are as important as your daily tasks. In fact, you are more than important, you are loved, and those daily tasks wouldn’t even exist without you doing them. So you really have to learn to make yourself a priority, and take care of yourself first. Don’t be afraid to do so either dammit!

Take a step back, breathe, ask yourself questions, think of solutions, and be positive. It looks like you are already aware, because here you are. Obviously, we are here to grow, you know be adults and shit, yet you still need to do these “simple” yet rewarding things for yourself. Be S E L F I S H sometimes, it is okay, I promise! Have you noticed how lighter you feel when you do? This is why we need to check in with ourselves, we don’t realize what we are missing until it is missing, but it is never too late. Once you feel the need to slow down, it is the need to check in with yourself. Take a pause for the cause. Too many of us worry about the lives of others and lose the focus of our own. What a silly thing to do right? But also, what a wasteful thing to do. Take into consideration that when you are right with yourself everything else falls into place, simple yes, but truthful. What is meant for you will come on its own, and it is a beautiful thing to witness. Just remember how you are using your energy, and apply it accordingly. Be MindFULL! I know it is easy to forget, we are human and none of us are perfect. But what makes us beautiful is knowing that we are not, and yet we still strive to be the best we can be. Don’t lose your touch, EVER!¬†

So do your homework, or in this case SOULwork, and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? why, how, and what can we do to change it? or enhance it…. We are our own worst critics, but we can be our own best coaches too.

Learn and never stop growing! 


Don’t Fight The Feeling!

Don’t Fight The Feeling!

Represent it, and ever so beautifully….

We all have those days where we feel as if everything we do is not working. Why do we stress ourselves out like this? We are so mean to ourselves, and then expect others to treat us nicely. I don’t get that. We seriously beat ourselves up to the point that we don’t realize it, and all of a sudden our lives is spent on that type of vibe. We need to stop fighting ourselves, and learn to take it easy. Life is hard enough, so why add more stress?

Don’t fight the feeling. It applies to us in many ways, some of us don’t want to feel a certain way so we fight it, expressing ourselves in ways others may not understand. Other people may not fight the feeling, and maybe they are unsure of their feelings, maybe they don’t have any feelings LOL. Whatever the case, it is about application, and becoming more aware of our intentions. I believe it is best to not fight the feeling, but instead put good use to it. Our feelings are what makes us human. When you become more aware of your feelings, you begin to shift, and with the shift comes more understanding. So don’t fight the feeling, just represent those feelings, productively.

It feels better to be doing something productive, than to beat yourself up about it, right? Remember, it is okay to feel. Be mad, get upset, cry, laugh out loud. Whatever the feeling is, go ahead and be human about it, but then find ways to be inspired by it. Our feelings are what makes us human, so why not embody that. It is okay, so don’t fight it, or shy away from it. Learn to embrace it, and in a loving motivating way, for you, or maybe someone else. Not fighting the feeling, is learning to feel without acting. And if you must, do so with the intent to make others feel.¬†

Let your feelings win the battle sometimes,


Stop Being Counter-Productive On Your Goals…

Stop Being Counter-Productive On Your Goals…

So stop distracting yourself! I know, it’s easier said than done…

Counter-productivity is something I often notice, even I can be so at times. But I am also very selective in my counter-productivity. I’m sure you know the key word by now right? Have you ever noticed the bigger distraction while doing what you’re not suppose to be doing at the moment? Probably not. Often times, we act more than think, and when it’s done, that’s when it hits. It¬†can be a horrible feeling. Being so distracted doing other things, and not accomplishing what you intend to do. If you find this to be an issue, then you need to practice being more conscious. Not just of your actions, but your thinking. Seriously, think of the times you find yourself doing things that are counter-productive, I bet you were feeling some type of way right? Well use that as¬†an opportunity for you to fight it. It can be challenging, but once those feelings come up, still take care of what you need to. You will feel better that you did. This is how¬†you become disciplined.

Also, it is important to think of your intentions when you “purposely” distract yourself. I say this because being productive requires just as much energy as not being productive. So choose the activity wisely. All-in-all this is to help wake your mind up, your brain is fully functioning but you also have to exercise your mind just as much as your brain.

It all starts with a thought! Now ignite it!!


The Power of Thinking…

The Power of Thinking…

Whoever said thinking was a terrible thing?

Because apparently many people don’t think enough like it is a terrible thing to do. Let us motivate these people to THINK, and to do so more effectively.

What were you just thinking about before reading this? Do you honestly believe, and trust yourself enough to know what you were thinking of? This is such a conscious effort, in which many of us cannot control. However, once it is controlled there is no going back.

I’ve discussed in a previous post of how much I enjoy thinking. You can go wild with your imagination and no one can say a thing, unless you share your thoughts with them, but admit it you don’t share every thought with everyone, and¬†this is your power. The power of thinking gives us all the flexibility to think outside our means, and this helps to create the unthinkable.

Think of how inventors, or any type of creative person comes up with something. It is pretty astonishing considering all it takes is one person with a thought. Imagine the power of thinking, and then creating. It doesn’t get more powerful than that. So how do you think? Sounds a bit odd to ask, but seriously you have more power to think, than not. It is about adding quality to how you think.

So you’ve already read and heard about the¬†numerous of books of¬†the Law of Attraction, and how you have to think positively, and effectively, yet you may or may not see the results. With change, you have to do so on your time, and everyone has different timing. Also, you may have to learn a lesson, or two, or maybe more, in order to go to the next level. I like to think of this as the next dimension.

I’ve never seen someone think so good that all of a sudden amazing things happen to them. What happens, is that they change their way of thinking, and with that comes other¬†changes like¬†their behavior, and how they see things around them. When you concentrate on a situation without distractions, you begin seeing solutions to your own problems. The power of thinking is not solely thinking and then receiving, but instead, thinking and then doing.

You set yourself up to think the impossible, but you realize it is possible, so the doubt and fear releases itself. You are now able to think beyond that. You give yourself the power by giving yourself permission. You just have to allow it and keep practicing. Think of it as a workout for your mind, the more you think and concentrate the stronger the muscle gets.

So workout your brain, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to tone up a bit, so THINK!