This debate seriously needs to come to an END!

I’ve seen post addressing loose naturals who are transitioning into locs, and how they are not going to be supported because they didn’t support locs before.


How can anyone be for anything that was foreign to them at the time? I mean were you always for locs, or loose natural hair even when you didn’t have either?

The problem is, it is not about who was for locs, and who wasn’t, it was about the NOW and supporting each other, regardless of hair or style…

I never knew there was such a thing, and maybe it’s because I live in California. I didn’t see the separation, until I got online. It is very disheartening to see, because it is mainly other black women tearing each other down. I’m all about love and support, and although not everyone is on the same boat, it doesn’t mean you have to belittle others decisions because of how you feel. Most of how you feel is from how you feel about yourself, and maybe it is something you have to accept in yourself to see that.

Without knowing someone’s intentions, and making accusations, is just showing insecurity and judgment. Instead of eliminating the discrimination, some are adding more to it. You can be entitled to how you think and can freely express yourself, however what is the true intention behind it? I just believe there are certain ways to go about things, and bashing and gossiping is not one of them.

I just wish we wold stop bringing each other down, and instead try to be more understanding. Without doing this, the “natural hair community” will go down more than go up.

Let us not lose the idea of what natural really is…



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