August 29th, 2016 marks the 7th week of my loc journey and everything is well with my hair. The locs are becoming firmer, or stiffer (both words sound funny to me lol) but you get my drift. I’ve been doing less with my hair, but of course still moisturizing with water and coconut oil.

What I’m learning about my locs, versus my loose natural hair, is that they really don’t need much. Let me tell ya’ll something…. Everyone’s hair is indeed different, and it is so important to listen and respond to YOUR hair! I enjoy watching others with their hair, because it is about expressing yourself. It is definitely safe to say that everyone’s experience is different, but it is also okay to learn from one another.

Okay, so now that little disclaimer is over…. I stopped using gel. I couldn’t believe how much build up I was getting. My hair strands are very fine and kinky. When I was a loose natural, my hair would become very nappy and tangled when there was too much product in my hair. With locs, however, gel is a no go, because it is obviously a little more difficult to get out. THIS IS NO LIE!

I re-twisted my boyfriends locs, and after conditioning his hair he had so much build up from the gel (from re-twisting previously). So yeah, no more gel. It was not necessarily needed, I mean I don’t miss it.

What have I’ve been using you might ask…..Shea Moisture’s styling milk:


This is the only product I use to re-twist and LOVE IT. To be honest, this was a staple product when I had my loose natural hair, and it has never failed me. I really love all their products, but this happens to be my all time favorite for sure. I waited two weeks before re-twisting again, and when I did, it was a whole lot quicker. It took an hour and I had less separating to do, yet I did have a bunch of frizzies, which is to be expected.


This (pic above) was the night prior to re-twisting. I’m going to try to make it to 3 or 4 weeks this time, but working out on a regular basis will be challenging for me, but so far every 2 weeks is working.


This was the next day. As you can see I was feeling my re-twist and snapped it 😀

I still used the ApHogee shampoo. My hair always feels so clean after using this, and as mentioned before, this shampoo helps with removing build up. I also tried a protein conditioner and it was pretty good. I was nervous but because my hair is becoming firm so quickly, I thought why not. I then squeezed coconut oil into the locs and massaged my scalp with it.

I loved this time around; it was so easy breezy,

Remember L E S S is Always more!




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