Not enough of us do this, and we MUST!

We have to remind ourselves that we can only control how we react to things, and sometimes random shit happen just for the fuck of it. We cannot control that, and we have to get out of the frame of mind. We are so damn hard on ourselves, and for what? How is that suppose to make us feel good? It doesn’t….

I believe we put so much pressure on ourselves because of the extra outside pressure. Add that to what we put on ourselves and boom! Hot tensed up pressure right! As humans we’re prone to competition. We want to always be better than we were before, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To me, there’s something wrong if you don’t want to improve yourself in some way. There’s always room for improvement right?

The focus, however, is always on the end result, and that of course adds the pressure. We think so much on the end result and become distracted with the what ifs and whatnot’s. We need to do better on where we place this type of thinking. The end result is the trophy and should always be cherished. Don’t let that trophy feed into the negativity however.

This is a reminder to use your thinking more productively. For one , it feels so much better and on top of feeling great you’ll get more clarity. Thinking positively takes work, and you have to check on yourself throughout the day. Work towards it, and if you’re feeling down think about why, and how you can fix it.

There’s always something to think of that’ll make you feel good. Learn to find the comfort in thinking positively, and you’ll begin to see the brighter in things in life much more naturally.

Take care, and look on up! 🙂



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