11.11.2016 Marks my 4th month of being loc’d. I used the same products as mentioned before, and don’t have the desire to change that, well for now…

I’m definitely feeling more weight on them, and I feel them creeping down my neck more. It’s actually quite annoying, and was before as my loose hair was growing out. Makes me want to cut, but I won’t. I’m just letting my locs do their own thing. I started a new project with my job, so I definitely don’t have the time to mess with my hair much. I guess that’s a good thing considering I can’t leave them alone sometimes. Leaving them alone, to me, has allowed me to see more progress. It’s kind of scary actually. It’s only been four months!


I am beyond amazed at their progress. My lil babies are plump, frizzy, and soft.

Don’t sleep on that VO5! it is super cheap and works better than most expensive shampoos/conditioners. I’m currently using the kiwi scent. I haven’t used a protein conditioner in awhile, but don’t need to at the moment. I always suggest listening to your hair, she will tell you what she needs.


Whatever you decide to use, just make sure you wash her. It helps with the locking process, seriously. Also, don’t be afraid to trim those ends. Most of my locs have budded, or bulbed, at the end (yes I said bulbed) and when I have little straggly ends I will clip ┬áthem. It helps to bud those ends, in my opinion. Besides, those straggly ends can be annoying if you ask me.

Dreadlocks are like plants, flowers to be exact. You water them, which feeds them and nourishes them. You really don’t have to do much, which is one of the reasons why I love them so much. I use to spend hours on styling my hair, and now those styles are no longer factor for me. It is about simplicity and progress, which defines me and my goals.

Cheers to more and more!!!




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