Turn off the noise, so you can hear yourself…

There are far too many distractions in our world, but we have the power to eliminate what’s not catering to us. However, many of us don’t do anything to get rid of the noise, and sometimes we become a part of it. We need to value the time when there is silence, so don’t be afraid ¬†of what can be rewarding to you.

You work, you listen to music, you watch TV, or have some type of sound on while doing your daily activities. This can be therapeutic, or it can be detrimental to our thinking. It is important that we all know how to balance, and it all begins with how we are feeling at that very moment. It is one thing to enjoy noise for entertainment, but we shouldn’t always depend on it. We have to learn to listen to ourselves, we are the masters of our own healing.

Think about it, when you are working on something what do you do? Do you grab your phone and turn on music, or do you distract yourself with other apps? Try working on one thing at a time. Give yourself time and energy to work on you. You can do so simultaneously, yet when you do so with too many distractions it can be difficult to check in with yourself. Don’t grab your phone, or chat with a neighbor or coworker, so you can distract yourself from your thoughts. You know what you are doing, so be nice and give yourself a chance to do something different.

Any noise, music, TV, chatter, is a form of entertainment, but also remember that what we find entertaining can also be a distraction. So practice taking the time to check in with yourself. Take that time to meditate, levitate, and appreciate. You are one person, but you are in a relationship with yourself, so take yourself seriously and check in from time to time.

Don’t get lost in the midst of these distractions, the more you become distracted the less you become yourself, and become them.

Check in, check out, and be….You!



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