“I love you”,  “you are looking so beautiful”,  “y’all something else”….These are some of the many things I find myself saying to my locs…..

And I know it sounds funny, but so be it, I like my weirdness. I’m curious to know how many others do the same? I’ve watched so many dreadlock videos on YouTube, and read a ton of blogs, forums, etc. and it just amazes me how much we love our hair. And deep down I believe it is more than our hair.

What I’ve learned about talking to my locs is that it’s a motivation for me, even though I’m talking directly to them. Maybe because I’m still at a gentle stage with my locs, but the changes we’ve been though so far makes me love them more and more each day. This to me is a reflection of me, and the changes with my locs are changing me. I’ve always been pretty easy-going, but now I look forward to not being so easy going. I am inspired by my locs because they are low maintenance, yet they are evolving, and I want evolve with them.

My love and patience with my locs have allowed me to put that same attention to myself as a whole. So talking to my locs gives them, and myself, the courage to work harder for another day. I know this sounds deeper than the thought itself, but it’s true. How you talk to yourself is a reflection of yourself, so remember to be kind.

Allow yourself time to embrace all changes in your life. Allow yourself to love and cherish all things around you, but it begins with you. Your mind, what you say, what you do, how you dress, style your hair, etc. What I’m looking forward to in this journey is opening up more, and its funny how one little thing can make you do that. So don’t be afraid to talk to your locs, hell don’t be afraid to talk to yourself. Sometimes you don’t need answers, you need to release, and other times you may need to love yourself just a little more.

So tell me, do you talk to your locs aka lil babies?

*Featured image is from Google images “Loc art” (not sure who the artist was)



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