It is all a part of growing….

How do you know when it’s time to move on? Well you don’t. However, when you do get the the overwhelming feeling, you can’t help but to feel a lot of weight. For me, it’s like a suffocating feeling. It’s like I can’t breathe, and it is not because of space. It’s because of having a lack of connection with a person. If you are a feeler of energy, or vibe, you know what I mean.

This breakup wasn’t as bad as the others, I guess it just gets easier with time because of experiencing breakups before, and being mature. But man, it does get a bit hard at the same time because it reached its level of completion, but you still care for the person. Just not as you did before.

What’s important while going through breakups is really taking the time to gut out the situation. You need to take this time to figure, or re-figure yourself out as an individual again. What I learned this time is the value of true love and affection, and that relationships require a lot of work for both people to be happy. It seems most of the time that only one person is catered to, and this bothers me so much. It is so important to show each other love, support, attention, what have you. Whatever you would like, is what you should do for your partner.

Love is a universal language, yet we all represent love differently. What is important is that you find the same love you give. You will be doing yourself a big favor, and you don’t want to deprive yourself of something you value so greatly. Think about the other things you value in yourself, and in others. This is the time to think about evolving as a better person and setting your expectations. Relationships are overrated these days and not always a focus when wanting to accomplish something, so take the time to figure yourself out and what you really want, maybe in the future.

You want to take the time to rediscover yourself, and in the process learn what you like/ don’t like in a person. Take note of what really matches you, and what you really need. At the same time, just know that what you are going through is necessary. It hurts, but as the days go on you’ll feel lighter and brighter. Sometimes we get so caught on the time we spent with the other person, and the idea of being with someone, yet we forget how deserving we are on the bigger and better things. This can mean being alone. This can mean actually listening to your heart and taking risks for yourself for once.

Don’t ever fight the urge to change. This feeling is guiding you elsewhere for a reason, now flee, 



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