And yes, it is not easy to do, especially when you feel you don’t have the support you need. In this day in age, numbers and the people you know seem to help one succeed. But what if you don’t have any of those sources to support you?

You create it!

Sometimes, I think it’s great to not know a lot of people and it is okay to have a laid back life. You don’t have to know everyone and have a “high profile” to be seen as successful. To me, success means having the ability to believe in yourself, enough so that you carry out your mission.

Creating what you want is a part of your freedom, as well as your passion. So what is it that you want to accomplish? Start with baby steps, and don’t be hard on yourself either. I think we had enough hardship going on this year, so this is the time to really reflect. Think of all the things that went on this year, and how you overcame these different situations.

Believing you could get through those things, and even now, is just a reminder on the steps you have to take. To Believe is to imagine something as truthful, and if you believe, you are already towards achieving. Lately, I’ve been listing things, no matter how random it is. I’ll come up with a random thought and if an idea or solution comes to mind, I write it down. It has helped my thinking calm down a bit.

Writing lists has made me feel even more organized, and believe it or not a little more confident. With so many changes coming up, you can feel a bit overwhelmed, so writing down my thoughts have made me feel more secure about my thinking. Sometimes we need to escape from our thoughts, and writing them down can bring some type of assurance. Maybe it’s because of seeing your thoughts and seeing is believing right :).

So take the time to believe in yourself a bit more. If you have a hard time imagining then try writing out your thoughts, goals, feelings. Sometimes we have to see what we hold inside, and this can help bring clarity to your mind and soul.




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