Distractions, Good and Bad?…

That feeling when your senses are feeling…..

Lately, I have been super distracted, and it has been both good and bad. I even slip at work sometimes, and it doesn’t help when you’re on camera LOL. By distractions, I’m mainly referring to the mind. It is amazing how beautiful the mind can be, yet sometimes we get caught up in our thoughts so much that it becomes a distraction from the present moment, and from the action that we need to take towards that thought….

Let’s try to be productive using those distractions. For instance, When I find myself deep in thought, I will take out my diary, or note pad and begin writing or making lists. This has helped organize my thoughts. Another problem is sometimes getting so lost in that thought that you forget about the things going on around you. Man, I tell ya my day dreams are mad unpredictable yet very vivid. I definitely enjoy the imagination I have, and believe it is important to practice, yet I need to do better at multi-tasking. I’m thinking it is because of this holiday season, and a lot of people are either down or anxious, including myself. This can really take a toll on our emotions, and sometimes our thoughts will go beyond what we imagined before, and sometimes cause unnecessary stress.

Just remember to be thoughtful of these distractions. It can be so easy to get caught up in thinking so much that you lose touch of the present moment…go ahead keep on thinking, but remember to pause sometimes.

Take care,





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