Understand the hardships you’re experiencing are temporary. Continue to look up and onward.

A lot of us underestimate what others are going through, and instead other people’s issues can add to ours. Our self-esteem may already be a disaster, but having to deal with added stress can make it unbearable at times. You’re constantly on the go and may not fully think about everything that comes at you.

Reflecting allows us to sit back and think of how things were, and how they are now, but most importantly, it gives us the chance to observe & learn. This is what we all need in order to have a healthy self-esteem, and healthy  mindset in general. Have you ever thought how your mental disorder effects your self-esteem, or maybe others? Well it does, and it is a sad sight to see.

We all go through things in our life, it’s inevitable, as we cannot control everything that happens to us. However, as cliché as it sounds we have the control of how we react. I challenge you to overcome being in that dark place, and take on challenges head on. In this life we have to. No one knows the rules of the game, but this is an opportunity for you to create it. Once you begin getting out of your comfort zone, and not adapt to your problems, you’ll begin a newfound respect of yourself.

Self-esteem begins with respecting yourself, without it how can anyone feel good about themselves. Your self-esteem is not always about what you look like, but how you feel. When you think of yourself as a higher individual, you’ll value things differently. To achieve this you have to look around you. Pay attention to what is triggering your negative symptoms. This is all a part of your journey, so this will require trial and error. Just like the ups and downs we experience all throughout growing up, our self-esteem will also go up and down.

Sometimes this can be a bit more challenging when you or someone has a mental or behavioral disorder. You, or the person you know, may have to seek additional help, and consider the kind of environment they’re in. Remember, being around likeminded individuals, and those who support you is what you need. Additionally, you have to practice on being your own support. This will take patience, but when you learn to come up with a solution you’re only halfway there.

Recognizing yourself is the only way to attempt a cure. You will learn to control yourself more, by surrounding your thoughts with solutions. This will take practice, but it is doable. Making a habit of solution-thinking only allows you to become quicker on your feet. Again, change is inevitable, but you’ll know how to overcome it, in a more productive and positive way. Think of it as exercising. The more you practice loving yourself, the better you’ll get at loving yourself. Exercise the muscle of self-doubt, exercise the muscle of being different, or unique, and use it to your advantage. The muscle seems weak in the beginning, but soon you’ll gain muscles you never thought you had.

Loving yourself is a lot of work, but only you can work on it. You can’t expect anyone to love you as much as you can love yourself, so love yourself. Don’t be cruel and think negatively of yourself, be a friend to yourself and be honest with yourself, lovingly…

Buff up your self-esteem,



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