July 25th marked my 2nd week of starting my locs. I am so pleased with not having to detangle my fro. I don’t miss it one bit. If you’re anything like me, you tend to be a perfectionist, so thoroughly detangling loose natural hair can be very time consuming, especially as the hair grows out.

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, and a young lady with locs mentioned that she sometimes wants her loose natural hair. I laughed to myself, because while I had loose natural hair I felt the opposite way. This goes to show that you sometimes want what you don’t have, and that if you’re itching for a change, sometimes it is best to do so, when you are ready and sure of it.

Anyways…. my second week of having starter locs was another good experience. I did get a lot of little frizzies here and there, but I’d just did a little palm roll to get them back in place. I also washed my hair because I workedout. I still plan to treat my locs as I did my loose natural hair, yet it will have some differences. Anyhow, when I washed my hair I was extremely nervous. I am well aware of the process (hence I use to loc up hair back in the day, and do my boyfriends locs currently), but washing my hair was still a daunting experience. When I was working out, I just knew I had to wash and retwist her, but you know what it was alright, see…

2016-07-30 08.44.14

The picture above is how my starter locs looked after I washed them. I used the Aphoogee shampoo for dry/damaged hair. This is what I had left over from using it with my loose natural hair, but I really like it because it makes my hair feel squeaky clean, which I need.

2016-07-30 08.48.34

After re-twisting (see picture above), I air dryed. I do have a hooded dryer, but I don’t plan on using it like that unless I really need to. I’m not the one for sitting for long periods (I don’t have patience lol)…. I did the same with my natural hair, as I’m not about that heat life. My hair is shrinking a little less than the first week, and this is definitely because they are tightening up. I can feel some of them budding in the back, and some of the front coils are budding too. I moisturize using coconut oil the majority of the time, but when needed I do use a little bit of the sulfur 8 scalp & hair conditioning only on the scalp. I would just add a little to my middle finger and then spread it to the rest of my digits. I then just massage it unto my scalp. I know people have their suggestions on what to use, or not use, but I’m a believer in using what works for you….

2016-07-30 08.49.35

Do you see how fine my loose natural hair is? Yes she looks thick, but that’s because I have a lot of hair, just fine strands. This is one of the reasons why I wanted a change. As she was getting longer, the more tangled and matted she was getting. I honestly feel it was meant to be, otherwise I would’ve just cut her off, which I did already in the past.

Since being twisted, I haven’t done anything else differently besides having to wash and retwist. By the way I used the Honey Mimosa pomade by Carols Daughter, with a little bit of Eco Styler Gel w/ Argan Oil. So far I’ve been practicing on less is more, and it is,  I’m really enjoying this change.

Looking forward to the 3rd week…



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