It’s okay to know what you want, don’t give in for anything less!

Life is confusing, we all know this. But it is definitely a journey that involves learning. Some of us live life on the edge, others may not, and we learn more or less than the next, but living gives us an opportunity to learn about ourselves. 

Don’t ever feel ashamed for wanting what you want, you are obviously intrigued by this for a reason. Maybe this will be a part of your learning experience. Maybe you’ll no longer want it once it’s been recieved. You never know, but you shouldn’t deprive yourself of it. When you want something you have to ask yourself questions, and learn to be more cautious of this process. 

I question myself, and as I become older, the major question is “do I need it?”. This all depends on what that want is, because sometimes it can be a temporary want, and then I no longer want it. Whatever the want is at the time, I ask questions to make sure it is something idealistic to my real life, and if it is indeed a need. 

You have to figure things out as they come sometimes, but of course this involves displeasing others.You still have to put yourself first though. This is one of the problems I’ve observed growing up. Many of us, including myself, don’t put ourselves first enough. And we should.

We should never settle for something that may be hindering our progress, and if you find yourself making unnecessary sacfrifices, maybe you should refocus those sacrifices. This involves others. We often get involved in relationships, friendships included, that end up one-sided, and sometimes we don’t realize it. This is the time to reevalvaute each and one of those relationships and see if this is something you want…and actually need.

We all need to stop making so many sacrifices on things that do not serve us in return. We do anything for the things, or people we want, but do those things really matter. This is a reminder to add more quality to your life. Eliminate the things we really don’t want, and find motivation in the things we do. 

Think, grow, and love!



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