Or are you truly living?

As I become older, I notice a shift in the world to where we eventually end up where we belong, and who is at fault for this? YOU ARE!

Now, obviously we all have our own journeys, lessons, and blessings to achieve, but at the same time are we putting in the effort that is truly meant for us?

Think about it. There are people who are living, yet they reached a plateau, so they’re just floating through life. What fun is that? If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t stop, and I believe it should never stop. You are alive and well, you have numerous of opportunities to fulfill. I don’t believe that we should ever be content, as there is so much to do, so much to accomplish.

What frightens me sometimes, is seeing people around me so content. It actually makes me feel a bit sick. But to their defense, this is probably what they really want, and how can anyone, including myself say otherwise. We often picture things differently for others and sometimes not realize that their journey is theirs for a reason. It doesn’t matter how you or anyone else see it.

But are you limiting yourself? Getting in situations that get you stuck, or limit you from progressing. Are you guilty of doing this? 

A lot of us need to become more aware of our actions, and this brings the attention to our intentions. Some people often blame others, or past situations from getting to where they want, but in reality it is no one’s fault but theirs.

It is important to activate the intentions we seek. 

Don’t limit yourself, there’s always a way!


Image source: http://vintagechurchresources.com/thrive/




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