We seriously need to pay attention to how we spend our valuable time….

In a previous post, I mentioned how we sometimes spend our time on things that don’t matter, or sometimes with people whom don’t serve us anything (positive) in return. We really need to pay more attention to this. It’s natural for us to adapt to certain behaviors, and with doing so you attract others with similar behaviors. However, not everyone has the same morals or values as you do.

You  have to pay attention to their actions, because people say anything these days. I’ve always been observant, maybe too much, and often times I’ll find reasons to not waste my time. Maybe because I don’t mind doing things alone, but to be honest I’ve been more disappointed with people wasting my time, than not. Some people are just big a** kids, and not in a fun way, and I’m not the one to wast my time, when I can be making money, or reading a book or something actually productive in my life…

I can’t help but to have the mindset of valuing my time, and others. This is so important because it is not just about you, but your service to others. Sometimes you do need to reserve your time and work on you to better yourself, but in return you are able to help others. This is a practice I feel everyone should do. Just imagine if everyone were to exercise their time doing something productive for themselves, and for others. In the simplest terms, we need to just be careful with what, and who we spend our time with.

Money comes and goes, but time is more valuable because we’ll never get that back, remember that…



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