I want you to understand the importance of being creative…

What is your hobby? Or better yet, what is your escape? This can go for anything. It’s an adventure for when you’re thinking, sad, mad, or glad. Or what do you that is unique, or pretty much a talent you cherish very much? If you didn’t have an answer to any of these questions, then you need to find a creative outlet!

Your creative outlet doesn’t necessarily need to involve art, such as painting, or drawing. It can actually involve anything. To state it simply, I like to look at it as something that gets you to think and escape. For me, it’s writing, reading, cooking, and working out. My creative outlets are something that I do on a regular, and I find it very rewarding. I wanted to write about this, because I’ve noticed how there are some people who don’t have a creative outlet, and I believe it is important.

Your creative outlet is your stamp. Like your secret message to the world. It’s what you take as an inspiration and flip it to your own making. It’s a beautiful thing and should always be cherished. I find my inspiration from everything and everyone, even when it comes from a negative place. What helps me, and can help others, is to make the experience into a positive one. For instance, some artist may get their inspiration from their childhood, and if it was an unpleasant experience, they somehow create a masterpiece, and then share it to the world.

Your Hobby, or Creative Outlet is What You Are Passionate About

This is what we need, and this is how each and one of us can evolve. Some of my inspiration comes from music, celebrities, authors, the list can go on. But what I really take from them is how they overcame adversity. And a lot of this had to do with their creation. Their outlet was the masterpiece from their shortcomings, and we can all learn from this. There’s no one specifically, but when you think about it we all have something in common, we go through ups and downs like everyone else, but we deserve to be rewarded right?

A lot of us become stuck in a routine. We work, have kids, have pets, run errands, pay bills, and barely have time on the weekend. But where do we fit in our personal “me time”? I find it unfair in a way, because we work so hard, but not work on something that is so endearing, or personal to us. I find it rewarding when you do, and it feels good to share it with others, as I’m sure they feel good seeing the masterpiece. So think to yourself and think of creating your outlet. We each have so much power within ourselves, but may not have the time, and why not?

Your creative outlet is just as important as anything else, so why put it on pause. Let’s say you like to read, try waking up earlier than usual, or try reading just before bed. Whatever the outlet is, I think it is important to find a way, and continue to work on it. Either way, you have the power to make arrangements to better your situation, that’s if you really want to…right?

The reason why I’m so passionate about this is because there are some people who are too busy living under a rock, and that’s not the way to live. By this, I’m not only observing some people not actively accomplishing their goals, but also the way they think. They are becoming more and more closed in, and we need to open them up. When you involve yourself with a creative outlet, that’s what it’ll do! It’ll help you open your mind to a whole new horizon. You find out more about yourself that you haven’t before. So give it a try! Find a hobby that interest you and see how you feel. The more you do it the better, and you’ll become a master of your own creative outlet.




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