Never have I had such cold eyes meet mine in despair. There was so much anger in their stare. But what do I care, I’ve been looked against before. Never had I said one word nor did anything out of character, for them to be so cold. I guess they have their reasons, but so do I, to be loving and kind. What did I do to them? Have I said or done those hurtful things, then yes maybe it would be deserved. But have I not smiled at them? And have I not greeted them in the morning? No matter what I did, they already had their reasons to be against me. But what for? I wonder. Have I not given what they so much anticipated? I guess their reasons matter more than mine. But why? Have my reasons never included them as I’d like in return? I guess when you’re looked against, it doesn’t matter what those reasons are. They have already decided to look against you.



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