We are in a delicate time, and it is important to remain hopeful and optimistic. It is okay to grieve, but never allow things uncontrollable control you. As the saying “life goes on” is true and blunt, we have to do just that. Everyone is different, and we are affected in different ways. What we all need to work on is just accepting that. Not everyone is going to be okay with different things going on in the world, and not everyone is going to be sad.

What is important, however, is that we go to those who are capable of showing the affection you need. Or maybe you’re not an emotional person, and want to be alone when certain things happen. It all just depends on what kind of person you are, and where you need to go to for support. Any type of delicacy may, or may not, need the attention from others, but it is important to realize that not everyone is the same and will not always be affected the same way. This brings me to the importance of having an open mind, and most importantly an open heart.

What many of us forget is the importance of love. Needless to say, we do express love differently, and that’s okay that we do. We just need to learn to not express hate. This first begins with loving yourself. It sounds simple to say, but when you think about it a loving person will not harm or look down upon another. This is because they have love within themselves, and they’re able to show it. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for how others love, but we can start with ourselves.

Think about how you are treating yourself, and others. Love and hate are contagious, so be careful what you are putting out in the world. We all may not see the world the same way, but without love we can’t evolve to a higher ground. Now we have evolved in many ways, but we still have a lot to go, so be that person that is a part of the change, because we need it.

I just want to encourage everyone to be more loving, and if you’re feeling hateful ask yourself why? Be the love you need, and express it outwardly. Trust me, it is worth it.

Mojo from the inside out,



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