Does Self-Reflection Help You Become More Compassionate?

This is inspired by the book How Successful People Think, by John C. Maxwell….

The book outlines several different ways, and techniques, to help improve one’s thinking. It also discuss people’s downfalls on how they think, and how self-reflection is often missed. I agreed with the authors concept, because there are a lot of people that I know personally, who don’t self-reflect enough, or at all. Instead, they act, and often they do. I often self-reflect, and do as a way to improve myself. I’ve never been the go and go person, as it is not a part of my personality, but sometimes  I wish I was. There are some people who act more than they think, and they’re fine, sometimes this works in their favor. But what about those who act and get themselves into drama, or more trouble than before. These are the people that need to practice self-reflecting. Often times, these can be the people who victimize themselves, and may not have as much compassion for others, yet expect it.

Instead of learning from their past, and taking account of their actions, they don’t. This is why self-reflection is important. I also thought about compassion, because without self-reflecting, can one be in tuned with their heart? There was a point in my life where I didn’t self-reflect as much, and instead I ignored those thoughts. Suppressing those thoughts led to anger, confusion, and frustration. Although, I did my best to not take it out on others, it made me less forgiving, and less open to others. Because of the anger I had towards other people,  it made me not like people at all. My self-reflection allowed me to become more open and forgiving, because I was once in a dark place. Without acknowledging your struggles and victories, how can you relate to others spiritually?

Now, I am free of those negative thoughts, and when something from the past pops up in my head, I take my time to really think about it. This is how you grow. If we continue to ignore our thoughts, and not take the time to figure it out, we stay stuck. Lets not step into the cement; take the time to reflect and actually learn something. This is how you grow as a person, and of course learn to become compassionate towards others. We all have our struggles, and we all have our own time to grow.

*Photo by (Google, 2016).


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