Instead of Feeding Your Body, Nourish Your Body

Taking care of yourself is about breaking bad habits and creating healthier ones…

I’ve always been an active person, but it was my eating habits that I struggled the most with; I’m a true foodie at heart. We have to understand that our health and wellness is a journey, and it is okay to not be at 100% all the time. I think we stress out by constantly restricting ourselves. It’s like a punishment. Instead, we have to look at it as a reward, and remember that taking care of yourself is a reward. After dealing with a death in the family, and also going through relationship issues, I gained weight. I was drinking and eating out more than usual. These “in the moment” mishaps led to a spiral effect, and I needed to find an exit.

I had to make a change, and realized this by seeing a psychologist. The assurance I got from her made me feel that I deserved to live healthy, and going out all the time, and pleasing others was killing me. I wasn’t taking care of ME. She said I was too young to feel miserable, and she was right. In fact, no one should feel miserable. It is not a good feeling. I began my health and wellness journey late in 2009, and it really took off in the middle of 2010. However, along with these changes included my escape plan from the ex (please read previous blog for more info.). You must know that any major change in your life will involve sacrifices, but to be successful you have to change all aspects of your life.

This is important because you want to avoid going backwards, and of course eliminate as many triggers as possible. This is why many of us have trouble with weight loss. We have to be ready, and being prepared will help you. You want to pay attention on nourishing your body. Kind of like gardening, you wouldn’t give your plants junk right? Too many of us are concerned with feeding the belly. In most cases, we have an image in our mind, and most of the time it will be something unhealthy. When you eat certain things for so long, our bodies become accustomed to it, and the brain becomes programmed to thinking its good; it may taste good, but is it good for you? Now this isn’t to say you have to cut those items out completely, but to do so in moderation. I must say, however, that once you open your options, you will cut most, if not all of those unhealthy foods. Trying new foods can include what you already like. For example, you can make healthier tacos, and substitute the sour cream with plain Greek yogurt (so good!).

I always say start little so don’t overwhelm yourself with this. You don’t want to put so much pressure on yourself and end up eating twice as bad than before. Take your time. As mentioned before, preparation is key. Think about your overall goal, and then split it up. Sometimes the right time will come to you, and you’ll know what to do. A friend and I went to the mall to go shopping, and while trying on clothes, I saw that roll behind my back. I almost cried… It was a lot for me considering I never had rolls before. Now this had nothing to do with anyone else, and still doesn’t, but I wasn’t use to it. Because I didn’t have the proper support, I had to learn to depend on myself, and of course Google was always there. I’m sure you hear this a lot, but Google is your friend! I came across a lot of different information, and combined the information to make it my own. This is another important step. Research and figure out what works for you, and stick with it. I’ve tried a lot of different diets, but dieting is a temporary fix. In order to be successful, you have to make it a part of your life.

*So try this* eliminate something unhealthy for this week, and substitute it for something healthier. For example, Instead of eating sandwiches, eat a salad. If you need carbs, add a little bit of croutons. Additionally, pay attention to your water intake. There are so many of us not drinking enough water. Additionally, try cutting back on fast food. You’ll be amazed on how much weight you’ll lose by doing this.

Remember to start out small. Your journey will blossom as long as you take it slow, while trying new things. Let the change begin!

I will continue to share my personal experiences, and hope to help someone out there.

Lets take back our Mojo!



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