Loc Update: Month 7! ^_^

Jumping for JOY!

I think this has been my favorite month thus far. But then again, I fall more and more in love each month with my lil babies. I thought the last month had a lot of changes, but after washing my locs and feeling them as I palm rolled, I was surprised, and pleased of course.

My journey has been very much like my life in general, and with all that being said, that’s what makes the journey fun! I didn’t know what to expect really, and just went for it, and sometimes that’s exactly what we have to do in life, just go for it and see where it takes you.


I waited about 1.5 months prior to re-twisting. I still used the VO5 shampoo/ a little bit of conditioner, and a little of Shea Moisture’s hibiscus curling cream. I still only use extra virgin olive oil to moisturize, and only do so as needed. Anything with my dreadlocks are when needed, just like me…. simple :).


As I said before, and will always say…Less is truly more. The less product and time you spend on your locs, or hair in general, the more it will flourish. We spend so much time on our physical sometimes, and forget about spending time on other things…That’s a whole other topic, but just know the less you do to your hair, the more you open up to other opportunities in your life. Any journey you endure will open new ventures, so trying something different can, and will do something to you.

Locking my hair definitely has done something to me, and I’ve heard it happen to others. There’s is nothing like it, and certainly a part of growing up. This is why it is important to do things accordingly, when you are ready…. You will begin to see things differently, and it simply starts with a change.

What will you learn, if you decide to grow?



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