It’ll Never Be Perfect…

But still make the best of it.

You ever try to plan something so accordingly that you think nothing can go wrong, and maybe nothing goes wrong per se, but the plan still didn’t go as planned. It makes you feel some type of way right? I know, I’m a perfectionist too, and being a perfectionist can be quite daunting while trying to accomplish something. UGhHhhhhH!!! it is annoying to know what you need to do, and yet you make plans for them to not go all the way through, as you wanted. But you know what, it will be okay.

This is to show you that you are not always in control, and that sometimes a change of course can be better in the long run. There are more things to learn, so you have to first learn to trust the timing, as well as the process. Everything cannot always be on your time, how selfish are you? (sticks out tongue :P) Although, most times we are doing things to benefit ourselves in some way, we still have to abide by the rules along the way. Well, not necessarily “rules,” but we have to think of the process in this way at times. This is to let you know that life is an experience, so we are free to do what ever we choose, but at the same time we have to make sacrifices too. And these sacrifices are to help us get to the greater result. Trust the timing, and I guarantee that once you’ve passed this level in your life, you’ll have more to gain, wisdom being at the top, obviously.

But that’s the beauty about life not being perfect. It it were to be perfect, we would damnear predict and know everything, and we shouldn’t. Instead, we should be more willing, and this can help resolve a lot of our “worldly issues”. Be more willing to learn, because this is how we grow ultimately, but we also have to be more willing to do. Of course, it will never be perfect, but being willing to do things will help us get to the next level. The more willing we are in doing things, the more resilient we’ll become.

We have to be willing to make adjustments in our lives, and not being in control all the time will help allow us to become more resilient along the way.

You got this!



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