Loc Update 6 Months!!!

Half a year! This has honestly gone by so fast!

I guess this is what happens when you focus on other things in your life, because your hair is not taking over any more! LOL! I always say that I liked my fro, but I absolutely love my dreadlocks :P. The easy going style and maintenance doesn’t beat any other, well at least for me. My babies are becoming thick and juicy, they’re filling up quite a bit and my love for them grows daily, still. They are so ME!

I haven’t change much of my routine, except I will do a light wash in between my once a month deep clean. I don’t use any other products, besides the mimosa for when I twist once a month (which I haven’t yet this month), and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize.

finger coiled locs

The pic above was taken 07/11/2016…

And now….. (01/14/2017)


Becoming locd and loaded, much like my personality.

I really want to get out of the re twisting routine, and just do so as needed. Now that I’m seeing the plumpness of my locs, I definitely don’t want to over twist em, shoot I don’t even style as much…maybe more in the future. Another thing I’ve been doing differently is applying olive oil while in the shower. The hot steam from the shower really allows the oil to penetrate, and it makes me locs super moisturized. So far, this has been a favorite new step because it has made such a difference in keeping my locs soft.

So yeah, another month update. Last month was too much and nothing different, except one thing, but that’s for another post….






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