Nothing is more embrassing than having the cops search your home….for nothing.

It was a beautiful day. I had just got off work early, and decided to go home and relax. It was on a Friday, so a few of my friends wanted to hang out, but being the loner that I really am, I decided to spend time alone; at home, where no one else was. The boyfriend, at the time, and his brother were already gone, so I was really going to enjoy my space. No noise, no bodies around, just me and my cats. I get a lot of things done while being alone, so I napped, cleaned, wrote, and blasted music. Sounds like a good day right?

Then, people began showing up. The boyfriend, at the time, and his brother came home….with their people, so let the weekend shenangins began. We were having a good time until I tried to open my bedroom door. It felt like someone was pushing the door back. And because there were so many people in the house, I thought someone was playing around. I had the brother come upstairs to open the door and he experienced the same thing, except he freaked out and said “SOMEBODY’S IN HERE!”. He frantically ran down the stairs, and had everyone go outside. My boyfriend thought it was a great idea to put me and my cats in the storage unit downstairs. I was laughing hysterically because I was nervous, but I knew this couldn’t be happening. I was here all day!

They decided to call the cops, and I kid you not, there were about 6 of them that showed up. Oh, and they brought their dogs too. It was too much, I couldn’t believe this was happening. I told the boyfriend and his brother that there couldn’t be any strangers up there, but they thought someone was trying to rob us by climbing through the window. This is why you can’t smoke certain types of marijuana. The cops searched all over, and no one was found. They noticed it was my huge bag that was hanging on the door, which was pushing the door back. This happened about 6 years ago, and still to this day I laugh. This is just a reminder that even through your most trying times (like an unhealthy relationship), there is always something funny to look back at. I will go more into detail about this relationship, but for now, I wanted to share something funny. Super embarassing right?

Have a marvelous Friday everyone! More to come, so stay tuned!


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