How many of us are TV lovers?

You come home from work or school, and turn on the TV to relax. But is it actually relaxing? TV, these days, is much more stressful than the previous years, and if you are not paying attention to your stress level, you’ll become one of the TV characters (LOL). I know it sounds a bit odd, but think about it. The reality shows, for example, portrays the fact that these people are who they represent on the show. However, it is just entertainment. There are too many regular folks trying to portray this ideal image, yet fail to realize how silly they look. I know I can’t be the only one who sees this. These types of people are easily influenced, and all though it is not anyone’s responsibility to help them, I just can’t help but to think about their triggers. However, this is not the only trigger TV causes.

Besides the thought of one’s self -esteem being affected, TV programs can trigger other symptoms as well, such as stress, and anger issues. There was a point in my life where I was watching nothing but reality shows. I watched it all, but Bad Girls Club was my all time favorite. I’ve always been self aware, but it was how the girls were treating each other that really bothered me. You become attached to your favorite “characters” so you become angry when they’re angry, sad when they’re sad, etc. This then affects your mood for the whole day. I had to stop watching this, along with other shows because I noticed how quick tempered I was becoming. This brings a point into doing just that, eliminating the things that make you tick.

In order for any change in life, you have to change your mind, environment, and company, and of course this will help eliminate triggers of destruction. Now it is okay to watch whatever you want, but remember that it is entertainment. You also want to think about how these programs make you feel, is it funny? does it make you feel good? sad? mad?. This is just a reminder to make more of an effort on making yourself feel good by taking control of your intake.

So what are your thoughts on this? What are some shows right now that make you angry? What about the one’s that make you happy?

Lets make an effort to feel GOOD, and get out of that comfort zone.


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