3/11/2017 Marks the 8th month of locking my hair, and I haven’t retwisted (as of yet). I am still on the less is more journey. So far, it is working for me. I have no desire to retwist on a monthly schedule, but only as needed. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed the more relaxed, worn out look. Not too many people are comfortable with that, but to me, it is the most beautiful. I just enjoy the look of comfort, just as I do glammed up look. My routine still, and will probably never change, as I mentioned before. This is somewhat of the same routine I had with my loose natural hair. I do as needed. SIMPLE! I don’t believe in doing anything really in a routine way. We are not robots and should not behave as so. But to do things when needed, for me, allows more freedom and growth along the way. This is the same feeling I have towards my hair. Both journey’s, for myself, prosper more when I am relaxed. This means to go with the flow of things. Every now and then, I will do palm rolling, so my locs get the shape I want. Sometimes, I’ll find some that look a little flat, so I’m obligated to palmroll as I don’t want the flat look. After a good deep wash however, I don’t see any flat locs, and I’ll just air dry, and without retwisting. You’ll be shocked of how comfortable it is not having to retwist each time you wash. It is not always necessary, but to each its own.


So, there you have it. Another brief update. I am honestly looking forward to the first year 07/11/2017. I think I’ll be a little more excited then, but for now I am pleased with the progress of my dreadlocks, and thinking of adding some shells or beads for my 1st year or something. Side note…was also thinking of dyeing some of them, here and there. Don’t know yet, but I want to do something special for them. They deserve a little something something yes? We will see, all I know is the sun is coming out, and the summer time is going to be hot!


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