You will have your ups and downs, but it will get easier…

Starting your healthy journey does not have to be difficult. It can be as easy as you want it to be. What has helped me the most is taking baby steps. I find that when you start out small, it helps encourage you to do more.

I started in 2009, and it was the most difficult, yet rewarding goal I started for myself, well besides completing school! However, I was so hard on myself because of my high expectations. My first mistake was not being prepared. I wasn’t ready mentally, physically, and emotionally, so this led to more binge eating and drinking.

This leads us to the first step of healthy living: Invite yourself to different environments!

This is one the most important steps, I think, because it is a part of the learning process. You have to be around different people, so you can learn different habits. For instance:

  • Go to a gym, join a group session
  • Go for a walk at the park
  • Try something healthy at a new restaurant
  • Go to a different grocery store

Going to the gym motivated me the most. Some people become discouraged, but let that discourage turn into motivation. Remember everyone has their own goals, and what better place to encourage each other. Also, remember that the negative feeling you’re experiencing is temporary, so don’t beat yourself up, just get through the process.

When you’re in a different setting, you begin to open your mind to what’s around it. This includes the people and the scenery. You want to change your mindset while going through this journey, because having the same mindset will obviously lead to backtracking, and you don’t want to go that route.

Instead, you want to elminate those distractions, and what better way to distract yourself while being productive at the same time. In other words, inviting yourself to different environments will make you think more about your goals, than you’re comfort.

*Always remember that any change requires discomfort.

Preparation = Success

When you’re prepared, you make it easy for yourself to accomplish just about anything. This is because you begin setting your mind on the goal, in which allows you to focus on its solutions. Going back to the first step, you come across more solutions when you learn from different environments.

  • Take notes! (Dont underestimate the power of taking notes. This has helped me A LOT!).

You want to start your goal small, in the end it will be even greater, trust me. For example, work on losing your first 5 pounds. I think starting in the beginning of the week is ideal to keep better track.

  • Be realistic (Stop being mean to yourself, your goal is YOURS, not his, or hers…).

Don’t be that person who compares your body to the next, we need to get that through our heads that we are not the same, nor are we meant to be. There will always be something we don’t like, but I’m sure there are more things you do like, so let’s focus on that. When you decide to begin your healthy living journey, take note that this is to better your health, not necessarily to “fix your body”.

The body is our temple, and we should cherish it, not fight it. Being on this journey involves being healthy all over, and again this starts with your mind, so you have to learn to accept what is, and work with it. The changes will come, but to truly love yourself, you have to accept yourself for who you are, and that is deeper than your outter beauty. True self-love starts from within.

So, there you have it! an introduction to healthy living. I will defintely add more tips and tricks that has helped me along the way, but I find these tips to be the most important for getting started.

Let me know if you have any questions, I really want to help anyone who is looking to lose weight, or to just live a healthier lifestyle.

Take care, and lets get our mojo back together!



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