Today, July 18th, marks the first week of my hair being loc’d, and so far so good. I haven’t experienced any frizz so far, but I’m actually looking forward to it.

I guess I kind of know¬†what to expect, considering I started my lovers locs; its been 4 in a half years for him. Yet I’m excited to see how my hair is going to do. All hair is different, so its going to be interesting since I kind of don’t know what to expect, at the same time…

I’ve noticed a little swelling with the coils and that makes me happy. I don’t want them too small, nor too big, so medium is the goal. When I shower, I allow the heat from the shower¬†get to my hair. This wasn’t ideal with my loose natural hair, unless it was wash day, but I’m loving it with my coiled/loc hair. “Water is your friend!” they say, and they’re right. I add a little coconut oil to may hands and just press it into my head, touching the locs. I didn’t even have problems working out, but we’ll see as the time goes.

I’m planning to do monthly updates as I’m not expecting to see much change every week, but we’ll see. So far everything is going great and I’m loving the low maintenance!

I’m so excited to see the changes, wish me luck!


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