About Me

Greetings everyone!

My name is Monique, but you can call me Mojo.   After earning my masters in psychology, I began to take a different shift for wanting to help people, and that is coaching. I think it is important to recover gracefully, and sometimes we need guidance, or just a little extra support. I created this blog April 24th, 2016 in hopes to share my passion for love, and the arts of love. This begins with the self and ends with the love for others.

Getting My Mojo Back is about helping others discover the magic they already have. It is important for us to improve ourselves, so we can live the most rewarding way possible. I want to inspire and motivate others on whatever they want to do. This blog shares tips for people experiencing a mishap in his or her life, or for those who need a little inspiration. I also share my experiences as well, and include random post here and there.

Additionally, I also provide advice, so if you, or someone you know, need assistance on a life/health/fitness, or just in general, send your inquiries to gettingmymojoback2016@gmail.com.

Lets get our mojo back together!

Monique (Mojo)


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