Your Passion Is Your Calling

Your Passion Is Your Calling

Take a pause and think of what you’re good at. Now think of how you can incorporate that into your daily life. Now this passion does not have to be a part of your job, it can be something like a hobby. But whatever it is let it call you, and answer it.

I previously wrote about distractions, and how it limits us from our actions, and this is pretty much like your passion trying to call you, but you keep declining the call, so it leaves you a message, and you still don’t return its call. Don’t allow time to pass you by so much that you’re missing out. Not necessarily on opportunities, but more so on ┬álife. LIVE a little ­čśŤ

Tap in to what you’re good at, because it is not just about you, but instead the bigger picture. INFLUENCE! I was thinking the other day about how much I enjoy making an impact on people. Helping them, encouraging them, making them laugh, think, and feel good overall. This is something I’m good at. I’ve always been the light of a dark day, and this has always been a natural thing, but as I become older, I’m learning that not everyone enjoy this LOL. Making people feel good draws them closer to you because it is warm, non-judgmental bonding type of vibe, and you can’t get that everywhere. However, there are people who are not use to that type of treatment, so it makes them feel a little uncomfortable when you try to LIGHTen them up. That use to bother me, that they were bothered with my positivity, but then I realized that many people are not use to that. Some people thrive when negativity strikes, and that has nothing to do with you. But don’t allow that to distract you, keep driving and digging to your calling.┬á

Don’t allow your passion to become dampened because of what, or who is around you. This can be tricky, and damn right discouraging, but instead allow your passion to call you more, put that ringer on blast! When I say tap into your passion, I’m thinking intensely so, making it a part of your life, period! We all have all daily tasks and habits, but imagine how greater it is to include your passion into it. I bet you’d have a better day, or make someone else’s day better. If you like singing, then sing! any chance you get, and feel good about doing it too. Tap in to it more, by making time for it, because you want to. It begins with your mindset, and wanting to do something is better than having to do it. Don’t turn your passion into a chore. We already have enough going on as humans, so don’t make your passion a burden. Even if you become tied up with your responsibilities, make some type of effort to tap in. For example, I’ll carry a journal around so I can write, or sometimes in my phone. Doing this makes room for me to still enjoy making others feel good, while making myself feel good in the process. You want your passion to create balance to better serve you and others around you. It is your world.┬á

To be good at anything, you must practice it, so you can master it!



The Power of Thinking…

The Power of Thinking…

Whoever said thinking was a terrible thing?

Because apparently many people don’t think enough like it is a terrible thing to do. Let us motivate these people to THINK, and to do so more effectively.

What were you just thinking about before reading this? Do you honestly believe, and trust yourself enough to know what you were thinking of? This is such a conscious effort, in which many of us cannot control. However, once it is controlled there is no going back.

I’ve discussed in a previous post of how much I enjoy thinking. You can go wild with your imagination and no one can say a thing, unless you share your thoughts with them, but admit it you don’t share every thought with everyone, and┬áthis is your power. The power of thinking gives us all the flexibility to think outside our means, and this helps to create the unthinkable.

Think of how inventors, or any type of creative person comes up with something. It is pretty astonishing considering all it takes is one person with a thought. Imagine the power of thinking, and then creating. It doesn’t get more powerful than that. So how do you think? Sounds a bit odd to ask, but seriously you have more power to think, than not. It is about adding quality to how you think.

So you’ve already read and heard about the┬ánumerous of books of┬áthe Law of Attraction, and how you have to think positively, and effectively, yet you may or may not see the results. With change, you have to do so on your time, and everyone has different timing. Also, you may have to learn a lesson, or two, or maybe more, in order to go to the next level. I like to think of this as the next dimension.

I’ve never seen someone think so good that all of a sudden amazing things happen to them. What happens, is that they change their way of thinking, and with that comes other┬áchanges like┬átheir behavior, and how they see things around them. When you concentrate on a situation without distractions, you begin seeing solutions to your own problems. The power of thinking is not solely thinking and then receiving, but instead, thinking and then doing.

You set yourself up to think the impossible, but you realize it is possible, so the doubt and fear releases itself. You are now able to think beyond that. You give yourself the power by giving yourself permission. You just have to allow it and keep practicing. Think of it as a workout for your mind, the more you think and concentrate the stronger the muscle gets.

So workout your brain, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or anything, but it doesn’t hurt to tone up a bit, so THINK!