I L.O.V.E You

We were walking on the hot sand before it turned cold, you grabbed my hand, and it was a tight hold.

What were you thinking of? 

The waves from the ocean were so powerful, and we were talking while admiring the its roaring sound, they were quite unmatchable.

It was beautiful.

I like that you weren’t afraid to look into my eyes, it was a feeling I haven’t had in some time.

What were you thinking of?

You explored my mind by sharing a piece of yours, what a feeling. A discovery coming to shore. 

I LEARN you. Taking in what you tell me, show me, and learning about what moves and soothes you. 

I Object! taking the negatives from what you experienced, and helping you discover the positives. I don’t want the negatives to draw you in, it will draw me in too, but together we can fight it, but only if you want to.

I Value you! the similarities, the differences, the black, white, and grey. I Value you as your own person. How you are now, and even how you were back then. 

Together we can EVOLVE. As individuals and as one. 

I L.O.V.E you! but Do you L.O.V.E me too?