Don’t 4Get 2See Da of it @LL…

Don’t 4Get 2See Da of it @LL…

This is how you’ll keep your frequency going. Find the positive, and don’t be afraid to show it…..

Go ahead and look back, but don’t ever allow the past to attack. You’ve gone through enough already, so instead reflect….

What have you learned?

What will you take with you towards your upcoming lessons? You have another chance, and you will continue to have them, such a blessing.

See the beauty of it all. The ups, the downs, the smiles the frowns. All of these experiences are here to guide you, which way are you willing to take?

Which path is real, and which one is fake?

The action is up to us, so what will it take?

You are standing after that last fall, and that last one was pretty tough. Sometimes you feel like not getting up…..but you did, and it was good enough.

Realize what you did, how far you came, don’t ever water-down your mountain. It’ll turn into a big clod of mud, instead of an accomplishment. Your little successes deserve some recognition too. Give yourself more credit, and love yourself a little more too.

Remind yourself to keep going, but when you look back, know that you had to overcome that. You are here now, the past is back there now, but being here has allowed you to be prepared for the next round.

It’ll be easier this time around.

And you got it, the resilience you have is of nothing short of brilliance. Sometimes you see the test, and other times you feel tested. Being an overachiever, you already passed it, so think ahead, and enhance it.

See the beauty of it all.

You are still wearing that crown, no matter how many times you fall down.

And you do it with grace,standing there face to face with yourself. Only you are holding yourself back, and you know that.

But this time, looking in the mirror, you reflect once again. It’s been digested before, and this time you’re positively sure.

The beauty of it all, quite the figure of speech. It’s more than an external visual, and more like the state of BEing.

It is reflected from how you are feeling…



The All High and Mighty and Miserable…

Some of ya’ll really crack me up. You say all the bad things of the world, yet you still succumb to it in some way shape or form. You know why, because you are still Human, and not perfect, and will never be perfect. Whenever I see people like this, it makes me appreciate the person I am, because I’m not perfect, nor do I try to be. My goals, and my true purpose in life and that’s to LIVE and LOVE the life I’m living. That should be a simple tool for each and one of us to use when referring to how we should live our lives. NO ONE IS COMING OUT ALIVE, so LIVE, and LOVE. I can guarantee you’ll appreciate your life much better. This of course comes to letting go of control, and your ego.

Go ahead and limit yourself, but how do you feel when you do, miserable right? It is okay to be cautious, but to do so in fear defeats the purpose of living. I cannot say how I choose to live is the best way, but no one can, because we are all different. The way that things may affect you and your body, may not do the same for someone else. Think about the different animal breeds we have, we are all not the same, we don’t all act, and react the same. This is one of the reasons why I choose to keep things as general, yet real as I can. We can all read the same book, but we will all gain something different from it. This is why I feel diversity is necessary, sharing and learning from each other is how we will evolve. Acting all high and mighty will make you miserable. Think about all the people who you believe is powerful, they are miserable. Think about the super conscious people, miserable, the poor, miserable, the rich people are miserable, the happy or the sad, and its understandable, trust me I get it. We live in a world that has allowed a lot of us to become miserable because of all the different shit we learn and observe, but it doesn’t mean to stop living. Don’t lose the human touch because you think you are God. No one is. We hold a special piece, and it is up to you on how you use that power, but don’t do it in misery. Instead do it out of love. There is a huge difference.

So, LIVE, beautifully, unapologetically, but not in misery. Remember just like the food we absorb, we absorb our feelings too, which is just as bad. Don’t forget about your feelings. Just like the food we eat to nourish our bodies, we have to nourish our feelings too. So keep that in mind. The body is our temple, but what about your mind, your soul, your destiny?

Limit yourself if you want, but remember LIFE is for the Living…


Learn to Be Done & Be Fine with Being Done…

Learn to Be Done & Be Fine with Being Done…

You gotta look out for you, especially when no one else does….

There comes a point in your life when you start to question things more than before. Your self-awareness is at an all time high, and you begin to grow more as a person. This process is needed, but sometimes it can be painful. You try to bring those who are important to you along this journey. Deep down, you know they need this as much, if not more, than you. Well not every journey is for everyone, so you gotta keep going. Even if its leaving them behind.

It hurts right? Especially when its your own family. I never had a close family, and always had a “family” outside my own family. Growing up, I realized the changes and sacrifices I would have to make in order to be better than them. And that was to not be around them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have many positive role models in my family, except my older brothers. But as far as cousins, aunts, uncles, etc., I didn’t. I have a pretty big family, but we’re not close. Some of us, like myself, escaped the family drama that never had anything to do with the present moment, but somehow things always comes up. In other words, there was no healing.

I refuse to be around anyone who is full of drama. It doesn’t get us anywhere, instead it brings more misery and pain. No one deserves to stay stuck, but if you choose to, then leave me out. I always choose to go the other route. Life is too short, and I would whether put in time to better myself, than to dwell on past events that has nothing to do with me. I know some of this is out of their control, but it is difficult being around people who are not on the same level as you. Sometimes distancing yourself allows them to focus on themselves, and most of the time they don’t even do that.

YOU have to find it within yourself to be done with THEIR misery and pain. YOU have to set yourself FREE.

So what happens when you don’t set yourself free? Their misery and pain grows onto you. Somehow you’re the focus of their issue. This is when you need to back off….

These types of people can’t be happy for you, because they are not happy with themselves. You can’t expect to have a healthy relationship with an unhappy person. Even if it is a family member. Sad right? Well this is the story of my life, and that’s why I always say I don’t have a family. I’ve accepted this already. Besides my cats, a few good friends, and my partner, I don’t have any close family members. Instead, I have family members who are jealous and cruel towards one another.

They want the heat off of their own troubles, but try to add the heat to yours. It is so cruel and selfish of them to do that. They play the victim role, and there comes a time when you just have to be done with playing their victim game. But, it hurts the most when you’re trying your hardest to be nice to them, and still it’s not enough. It’ll never be enough….

Why would someone dare want to ruin your happiness? That’s one of the things I’m most passionate about. They do this to bring you down, or at least try to and that’s not right. We are in the flesh, but not everyone’s soul is where it needs to be. It just sucks that these souls have to be cruel to others, and for no reason. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter who the person is, it can be someone in, or outside, your family, and they’ll still treat you like crap. And you don’t deserve that.

This is still a learning process for me, because I don’t know anyone else who has these types of problems. It is easier to deal with when it is not a family member, but how difficult is it when it is your mother?! This game has been going on since I was younger, one day she loves me, and the next she is treating me like a bum on the street. I’m to the point of being done, and being fine with it. You get tired of people treating you any kind of way, because they feel like it. What about honesty, and compassion? Not everyone is capable of giving this.

I use to do a lot for my mother, helping her as if I was her parent, and I was okay with it. But that wasn’t enough. I tried inviting her opening my home to her, but that wasn’t enough. She still brings drama, unnecessary drama, wherever she goes. My psychologist told me these are the people I need to stay away from. With the kind of heart I have, these people don’t deserve my time. This is because they don’t want my help, they just want to take and take, and the only thing they can offer is drama, and that’s not a gift.

I use to feel horrible not wanting to be around my mother, but again, how can you have a healthy relationship with someone who is unhappy? Why should I, or anyone be around someone who is not looking to have a loving relationship? Unfortunately, she didn’t have this growing up, so what to expect right? Why even try if you’re the only one trying….

When it gets to this point, and trust me there were many points, I distance myself. I don’t respond to calls, text messages, etc. I stay to myself and become productive. I use this time and energy to create and motivate, and that’s why I’m here. To anyone experiencing family drama, you’re not alone. Know that it is challenging, but also know your limits. You are only you, and you have to take care of yourself first.

Don’t be afraid to distance yourself. We can’t expect people to understand their faults, it is for them to figure out on their own, and sometimes they’ll never figure it out. But don’t ever be cruel back, instead, just take a step back from the situation and regroup. Sometimes you have to let things fall apart. Let these types of situations motivate you. Just know that what ever other people are going through is them, and it has nothing to do with you.

Let them be as you become more, and more, at peace with yourself. This is all a part of the process, and sometimes things get thrown at you for no reason. Take this challenge full on, and become stronger!

We’ll get through this better than before.