It’s Pretty F*ck*d Up

It’s Pretty F*ck*d Up

When you really sit down and think about it…..

It’s crazy when you seem like the type of person to do anything for anyone, and yet you don’t receive the same back. This can go for any type of relationship. But for now, I am speaking about intimate relationships. At 30, I am more aware of my desires than I was 5+ years ago, and now that I am single, I am more focused on not having a relationship. However, what has never changed is my effort towards someone when I really like them. This is where the f*ck*ry begins though. When the feelings aren’t mutual to begin with, one of course puts in more effort than the other, and it just amazes me how the other gets away with it not doing the same. But to be honest, that is a nasty attitude to have. You are not supposed to do things for something equal or better in return, but at the same time, it is the effort that makes the difference. You can’t make them understand, because the problem, from the very beginning, was that it was never a match to begin with. This is something to pay attention to, from the beginning, and don’t let it slide, because it’ll only get worse.

But because you are the type of person to put in effort, in everything you do, you tried to succeed at something that wasn’t meant to happen, and you know that. Congratulations…..You played ya’ self (as DJ Khaled says lol). I think we sometimes get lost in the game of winning, so you don’t want to give up so easily. And that is understandable. However, you’ll end up hurting yourself. You see the potential, but their potential is not the same as someone already “having it together” like yourself. So this is why it is important to really know yourself and be with someone who truly compliments that. I’ll take my time, even if it is forever, because the best love you’ll ever receive is from yourself anyhow, and you deserve that and more. So love yourself this time…..More!

Imagine if more people were like that. We would have a stronger sense of self, not worried about other peoples lives, drama, belongings, status. You know, not so “social media”, we wouldn’t, compare, and instead be more inspired. Well only in a perfect world, and we are not perfect, we are all trying to figure things out and that’s why we’re here. To try, learn, and share…sounds simple, but here we are, still complicated….



Stop Pressuring Yourself…

Don’t be so mean.

You make these goals, just so you feel accomplished. But still, that wasn’t enough. You get more than one job, and take on any hobby that comes your way, and still it is not enough. Have you really thought to yourself why, or if you actually like these things. Or are you too busy trying to keep up with everyone else, by ignoring your true self.

Exhausting to think about right. It’s a word I use quite often, I think, exhausting… because a lot of “things” are meaningless if they lack feeling, and for me that is exhausting. I feel like it is important to try things, at least once, well depending on what it is. Coordinating different things in any part of your journey can be fun, and we should not pressure ourselves so much. We need to learn to flow with it…Go….With….The…Flow…as they say, ya know. This is something quite new to some of us, but ever getĀ tired of that, putting so much pressure on yourself? It’s time for something new.

Sometimes you gotta let your goals accomplish themselves. You’ve already put in the work, so leave it alone. Step back sometimes, and let that shit marinate. Like a tender steak. You have to learn to give yourself time, and not think that results are going to happen as you please. The universe works wonders, but that’s just it. LET IT! Don’t be too busy wondering, just do and know that it is already yours.

Take it easy…


The Withdrawals Of Break-Ups

The Withdrawals Of Break-Ups

Are you still feeling hungover from the last love? yeah me too….

We all know it’s for the best, it is what it was, but now what? For one, beĀ grateful for the friendship because it makes it easier, but any change is scary, especially when it will be without that significant other. It’s for the best, and we all know it, but it still hurts. It still hurts knowing that the person you were with for the last five years will not be there in your future, and you not in theirs. It still hurts thinking back on all the times that could’ve been, but has never been, and never will. You don’t ever want to think of your relationships as time wasted, because that wouldn’t be fair. You invested so much time and energy, I’m sure you learned something. And if you didn’t, why haven’t you?

You must’ve learned something, or you’re just going to keep having these types of relationships, and we don’t want that. Allow the hurt and pain to hit, it is okay to feel this way. I’d think something would be wrong if you’re not experiencing these withdrawals. It’s different. To be honest it’s a b*tch! You wake up sometimes feeling sick to your stomach. It’s not that you didn’t sleep good, it’s just that empty feeling, a reminder that you’re waking up alone, and no longer next to the person. This does not mean you necessarily miss them, but instead “it” the feeling of being next to someone. Speaking of empty, this is exactly how the mind becomes, empty and sorta shocked, like you can’t focus. You’re still processing everything, and it will take time, so don’t beat yourself up for feeling the feels.

Now don’t get me wrong, this can happen to any type of relationship, not just a romantic one. When you stop associating yourself with some people, you either begin feeling lighter or heavy, but in the process the change is what determines if you’ll be going back to them or not. Some of us don’t allow enough time for it to process, and you have to. Time is our friend, so take advantage.

And then what? Your appetite gets out of whack! Sometimes you feel like eating those emotions away, and other times you don’t feel like eating sh*t. Your mind, body, and spirit is shifting. Everything is slowly being filtered out. Just like a drug, or a drank (that’s slang for an alcohol beverage btw…) your body is detoxing the love you had for that person. And if you feel their pain, you may even experience these withdrawals twice as much. And that’s alright, it means you have a heart and that you’re growing up.

Awww that’s cute, now drink some water and detox that poison that was so-called love,