In my previous post, I left off saying that sometimes you have to learn new things on your own…

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be lonely. I see a lot of people, nowadays, going with the flow of things. This can be good or bad. Some people go with the flow of things when something happens, and they don’t know what else to do. Is this healthy? It can be, if they are indeed flowing to better themselves and circumstances, yet what about the other end. There are too many of us living as if we’ve already given up. It is sad to see, especially in the younger generation. I believe that getting over a hunch involves self-growth, in which some people are afraid to do. Instead they go to the wrong people “to get help”, but then end up in deeper trouble than before. DON’T BE AFRAID to get out of this comfort zone, even if it’s doing so alone.

I’ve lost many “friends” while taking this journey. These people didn’t want to go along with me, and I refused to flow with them. Unfortunately, this happens. We grow apart, and that’s okay. You have to do what’s best for yourself, and for others. If relationships no longer serve its purpose, then let it go, and be fine with it. So many of us get stuck with the company who may be bringing us down, both intentional, and unintentional. It is important we recognize this. The company we keep is a part of our comfort zone, but we have to ask ourselves if they are adding to the havoc inĀ our lives. This includes family members as well. So ask yourself, are there any individuals, or people, who’s causing some type of drama in your life? Or maybe its their drama, but somehow you become a part of it? Maybe it is time to let them go. This can be done by slowly distancing yourself from them. Don’t be quick to reply to a message, or text. Don’t always be available to them. If they don’t see the trouble they’re causing, and they began to make you feel bad, then they are not the right people to be around. A relationship should be two-sided, and there are a lot of one-sided relationships out there.

So don’t get stuck, and know that doing things alone is more fulfilling than not doing so. You are your best friend, and taking care of yourself will attract healthier relationships.


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